Season 4 EVO Top Team Auditions. August 7 & 14.

It’s that time of the year, Top Team auditions.  We are assembling a new group of Top Team students for the 2016-2017 season.
Do you like performing in front of a crowd? Does that type of intensity get your adrenaline pumping? Evolution Martial Arts Academy is holding auditions to join Evo Top Team, our demonstration team. Evo Top Team will perform demonstrations at future belt graduations and other special events. A special class on Fridays will allow these team members to work together and prepare for the next performance and improve on special skills.

This year we will be selecting between 8-10 students to join the Top Team.  The students will be split into 2 teams.  Each team will perform at alternating belt graduations.  This will give students 2 months off to rest before they start meeting for practices and finally perform at a graduation.  If some students would like to perform at all demonstrations they are more than welcome to as well.  Once the teams are formed, performance dates will be given.

The ONLY requirement needed to audition is the rank of at least Hapkido Jr. Green Belt. All students who fulfill this requirement are more than welcome to try out but NOT every student will make it. Only 8-10 spots are available on this roster as of right now. Five of the most important factors we are looking for are

  • Focus
  • Following directions
  • Technical ability
  • Intensity
  • Being able to handle pressure

How Auditions Work:

  • Auditions will be held on Sunday August 7rd and August 14th starting at 8:30am.
  • Students must make an appointment ahead of time (Sign Ups will be on the front counter). Students only audition one time on one of the days. (Previous Top Team members MUST audition again)
  • Students waiting must wait in lobby area until their turn.
  • Each student will demonstrate in 10 minutes a list of techniques in front of judges. (Students have done all these techniques before, list of techniques will not be known to student until they step on the mat)
  • Once students are done they are free to leave.
  • Judges will review all notes and students who made the team will be notified a couple days later.

Parents keep in mind there is a possibly only one sibling could make it while the other(s) do not. Students who make the team may be cut from the team at any time. Auditions will be held again in the future as we increase the number of spots on the team or have to fill available spots.

Good luck, bring your skills.