Pre-Order the New Grunge T-Shirt and Hoodie!

Parents have been asking when are you releasing new shirts for my kids? We’ve been working hard on a great design.  The design for boys is a great grunge design with colors of red and grey.  We felt most girls wouldn’t like this as much so we released a version for them.  It’s a design with grace and a more floral design in teal and purple.  This is a premium tri-blend shirt for ultimate comfort and mobility.

Just in time for fall and winter, pair this shirt with a matching hoodie.  The grunge hoodie is high quality mid-weight front zip up hoodie.  The sizes are adult sizes starting at extra small all the way to extra large.  

Pre-order the Grunge T-shirt for $25, the Hoodie for $40 before November 13th. You can purchase both for $60 and save $5.  These shirts are limited, we will not stock a large amount in our inventory.  There are always people coming to us asking if we have any more left and most of the time we say unfortunately we are sold out.  Be SURE to preorder to guarantee your size to represent Evolution.

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