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Tiny Tigers Program (Ages 4-6)

You can never be too young to start martial arts training. Our Tiny Tigers program, designed especially for 4-5 year olds, is where little ones build the foundation needed to become future black belts. Children at this age are developing at an unbelievable pace. Although they will learn several kicks and punches, our primary focus for children this age include:

      • Improving listening skills and following directions
      • Showing respect to their parents, instructors, and others
      • Working on hand-eye coordination and mobility
      • Developing better focus
      • Raising self-confidence
      • Improving social skills with other children
      • Learning important Life-skills
      • Having fun in a safe and exciting environment

Just like our Hapkido program, the Tiny Tigers program is based on curriculum but has been designed specifically to keep children interested and motivated to learn new skills, including life skills and safety awareness that will help in school and around the house. They will learn, at a young age, that it takes hard work and practice to achieve challenging goals.

Tiny Tigers start with a white belt and work all the way toward a Tiny Tiger Black Belt.  In these belt colors Tiny Tigers work on curriculum from our Junior white belt and orange belt curriculum.  Tiny Tigers will have to test for their next belt ranking.  Their exams are not scored in the same method as our juniors.  Tiny Tigers will have to demonstrate to their instructors they can follow instructions and perform the items asked of them to successfully pass their exam.  Once a Tiny Tiger successfully completes the Tiny Tiger program he or she will graduate and move onto our junior Hapkido program as an orange belt.

Our goal is to have Tiny Tigers constantly learning and developing new skills, both on and off the mat while still having tons of fun.

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