Hapkido Belt Exams

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The process every student and master
must complete in order to succeed

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About Belt Exams

The purpose of our belt exams is to measure how well you can perform the techniques that you have learned over your months of training. All of your hard work learning and practicing comes down to one evening. You are on this list because your instructor feels you will potentially be ready for a belt promotion.

The instructors know what you do well, however we are looking for the things that you do not do well. We want to identify these items and correct them in order to make you a better martial artist overall.

As a reminder, NO ONE is guaranteed to pass the exam.  Do not walk through an exam on mere talent expecting to pass.  So prepare yourself, as this will be a major accomplishment if you succeed, and brings you one step closer to becoming a Black Belt.

Below are the potential students testing at the next belt promotion, as well as a list of frequently asked questions regarding these exams. Please feel free to contact us at exams@evomaa.net if you have more questions.

March 30, 2018


Lucas P.
Ryan D. ?
Jenica F.
Isabella D.
Gavin F. ?
Carlos A. ?
Kylie P. ?
Emma P. ?
Mataya G. ?
Logan S.
Ryan K. ?
Emily B. ?
Kai G.
Zander W. ?
Anthony B.
Luca Y.
Emanuel I.
Dylan K. (Make Up)
Gavin G. ?
Joseph S. ?
Elizabeth B.
Kevin A. ?
Jackson L.
Eshan W. ?
Armaan W. ?

March 31, 2018

Brayden B.
Varro M.
Mark T.
Nicolas S. ?
Addison T.
Jayden M.
Emil A.
Iris M. ?
Jocelyn M.
Derek F.
Ava P. ?

Frequently Asked Questions

I see myself/child(ren) on the testing list, does this mean I/they are 100% testing?

No. Students on the list are projected to test on this date.  As the exam draws closer, we will continue to evaluate the students to see if they will test or not.  Many factors are involved in determining if a student is eligible to test, such as the number of tips the student has received, the number of classes taken, and most notably, their ability to perform the techniques properly.

Are there testing fees?

Yes, there are testing fees. Fees vary based on the belt color they are testing for. Higher ranks have higher fees due to an increased length of exam from the increased difficulty and amount of curriculum.  Also note, the Yellow to Green Belt testing fee includes a new uniform.

What should I wear or bring?

Students testing must wear full uniform and bring all weapons, gear, and water.  Please eat healthy, stay hydrated, and get lots of rest the night before.  Most importantly, bring your energy!

What if I can’t make this date or time?

Unfortunately, there are so many students that we cannot accommodate everyone. You would need to wait for the following testing or schedule a private exam. Additional fees may apply.  Please email exams@evomaa.net for more information.

If my child passes his or her exam is there a belt graduation or ceremony?

Yes, there is a Belt Graduation the next day which is typically a Saturday.  Each of these graduations is an important milestone in their journey to Black Belt, so please bring your camera and take lots of pictures.  Our  instructors and staff will also be there to take pictures with your child.

What if I can’t make the graduation the following day?

We understand you may have other plans on the Saturday of the belt ceremony.  If you can not make it your child will receive his or her new belt and certificate the next time they come to class.  Please try your best to make it as the experience is just not the same.

What happens if my child does not pass their exam?

This is a very sensitive situation, please note that not all students are guaranteed to pass.  For those students that do not pass, we will contact you that same night informing you not to bring your child to graduation.  As a parent please tell your child there is nothing wrong with not passing, it is an opportunity to see what they need to improve on.  You will be given their testing exam sheet that contains the scores and notes of the items that need to be improved.  Please consult with an instructor to schedule a private testing approximately 30 days later.  During those 30 days, we will work with your child and prepare them for that test.

My child is not testing are there still regular classes?

All regular Hapkido and Tiny Tigers classes will be cancelled on Hapkido Exam day and Graduation day. CrossFit classes will still continue. Instructors will remind you the week prior of testing letting you know of cancelled classes. Please also check the whiteboard of important reminders upon entrance.

My child has been asking me if they can test because their classmates are testing. Can you add them to the list?

The beautiful thing about martial arts is it is an individual sport.  We want to make sure your child is testing because he or she is ready to test not because his or her friends are and they don’t want to be left behind.  We want to put your child in the best possible position to successfully pass their exam.  We feel it would be a worse situation if they tested early and did not meet the requirements needed to pass.  Black belt will always be there, it is not a race to the top.

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