Open Gym / Barbell Club Makeup Part 2 (More Specific Details)

Sorry folks I don’t mean to constantly post but I received a few good questions regarding my last post yesterday that may have caused some confusion because I wasn’t clear.  I wanted to give everyone a heads up and hopefully this will clear up everything. (Detailed Chart below)

Question 1:  I can’t make the barbell club at 7pm Monday and I can’t do the make up the following day Tuesday.  Then Wednesday is here and I have missed the Monday session.  Could I come in early at 3:30-5pm Monday Wednesday to do the Barbell Club Programming?

Answer:  I was not clear in my last post regarding the open gym time and whether or not Barbell Club programming can be done during that time.  Yes during the time of 3:30-5pm you can come in to do Barbell Club Programming.  No Barbell Club programing on Mondays / Wednesdays between 5-7pm.  We really want everyone to attend the actual class times to get the help and tips from the coaches.

Question 2:  Can I not come into the gym on Monday and Wednesdays from 5-7pm and just do Open Gym?  Work on my Double unders, kipping pull ups, and Front Squat?

Answer:  My original post stated no, but I am going to overturn my decision to say yes.  I am overturning my decision because EVO CrossFit Achievements is coming in the next few weeks and some people will want some time to work on their specific achievements (more details to come soon).  I want to avoid barbell club members from doing their make-up at those times because the items in Barbell Club take up the most amount of space and resources.  If you want to take a corner to do Double Unders, practice Toes to Bars or maybe a set or 2 of power lifting it should not be an issue.

For Everyone to Know:

My stance is still the same and will always remain the same.  The class on the schedule is still the top priority at that time.  IF we need the space or equipment during the time of Open Gym or Barbell make up time we will ask you to stop or move.  We will be ordering some mobile squat racks which you can use and move to the pit or outside if you need to do some power lifting.

If we feel like this is not working just like everything we do at Evolution we will change / adapt / or modify to make things work.  I know I can’t please everyone but I will try to find a common ground with the resources, time, and space given.  If you have any more questions please contact me.  Thank you.

Specific Open Gym / Barbell Make Up Schedule:

If the item you are interested in is NOT in the time slot then it is NOT available.

OG: Open Gym
BBM: Barbell Make-Up
BBC: Barbell Club w/Time

3:30-5:00pm* 5:00-8:00pm**
Mon / Wed OG / BBM OG / BBC (7pm)
Tue / Thur OG / BBM OG / BBM


Friday OG


9:00am -12:00pm**
Saturday OG/ BBM / BBC (11am)


10am – 11:30am*
Sunday OG / BBM

*Uninterrupted Time
**Can to asked to move or stop depending on the class size.