Quick Reminder No Regular Classes Saturday 7/14 due to Grand Opening

Just a quick reminder there will be no regular classes on Saturday July 14th due to our Grand Opening Event.  Below is an outline of the day.

10am – TKC 1st Pretest Continues
11am – Doors Officially Open
11:30am – Lunch and Snacks Available.
12pm – TKC Pretest Ends, CrossFit Mini Games Begin.
1pm – Demos Begin
2pm – Demos/Presentations end, Hang Out and Additional Picture Time.
3pm – Doors Close

See you all there!!

Special Class Schedule for the Week of July 2nd

Hello everyone just wanted to give you a heads up about the July 4th holiday week.

Monday July 2nd and Tuesday July 3rd: No Martial Arts or Kickboxing classes. Mr. Jason and Mr. Brandon will be Las Vegas for the Martial Arts Supershow. All CrossFit Classes STILL on, coached by Ms. Allison.

Wednesday July 4th: We are closed for the holiday. Have a fun and safe 4th of July, enjoy all the delicious food and drinks because the next day its time to work it off.

If you have any questions please email info@evomaa.net

Thank you.

New Class Schedule…On Ramp CrossFit Classes Now Active.

We have made changes to our class schedule, we tried to accommodate everyones schedule the best we could.

Our regular CrossFitters from the day we opened are slowly getting the hang of most of the functional movements and techniques which has been great.  We noticed that they all have improved their fitness levels.  It is time we start dedicating classes for beginners and others who have never done CrossFit.  The On-Ramp classes will have the Skill Work broken down even more and a WOD that is scaled or modified for beginners.  The coaches will decide if new CrossFitters are ready to merge into the regular classes.    
We strongly urge our regular CrossFitters to not take the On-Ramp class because more focus will be dedicated to the beginners.  If you are a regular CrossFitter and you feel like you need a refresher on a technique or if you just missed your regular class and need some type of workout for that day then come to this class.  You will do the intro WOD which will not be as challenging for you.

On Ramp Classes:
Mondays & Wednesday 7:00pm
Saturday 9:00am

Hapkido and Kickboxing class times have also changed as well. Please visit our website regularly for any news and class scheduling changes. Thank You.


EVO closed Friday June 15th. Celebrating Sensei Benny “The Jet” Birthday.

We wanted to let all of our students know that Evolution will be closed on Friday June 15th.  Mr. Jason and Mr. Brandon will be attending Sensei Benny “The Jet” Birthday Reception at Team Karate Centers.  Sensei Benny is a living legend and one of our teachers, we would not miss his 60th Birthday for the world.  Team Karate Centers is hosting a 3 day Benny “The Jet” Kickboxing and Certification and Training Camp.  Evolution will be back to regular business hours Saturday June 16th.  For more information read the Press Release below or visit: http://www.bennythejet.com/seminar.asp
Press Release

Contact: Fariborz Azhakh
Cell phone: 818-355-1107
Email: azhakh@gmail.com
Woodland Hills, California – In a world where fame is fleeting and most people fight for their 15
minutes of fame, martial arts movie star and kickboxing legend Benny “The Jet” Urquidez is reaching
one more milestone: his 60th birthday.
To celebrate a life dedicated to martial arts and personal excellence, Urquidez will host and teach
a Kickboxing Certification and Training Camp on Thursday, June 14, through Saturday, June 16.
Attendees to the training camp, (to be held at Team Karate Centers in Woodland Hills, CA) will have
the opportunity to hear Urquidez teach words of wisdom garnered in a professional career without peer.
Most pro fighters hope for a hint of the limelight, perhaps a chance at a title shot. Urquidez’s pro
fighting career spanned more than two decades, with 63 world titles. He is the only fighter in history to
have retained six World Championships in five weight divisions for 24 consecutive years. He was
named Black Belt Magazine’s Fighter of the Year and inducted into their Hall of Fame. He became an
international movie star in his own right, appearing with Jackie Chan, John Cusack, and Jean-Claude
Van Damme; and simultaneously trained with and choreographed fights for Hollywood A-listers like
Tom Cruise, Nicolas Cage, and Mark Wahlberg. Urquidez even founded and created Ukidokan Karate,
recognized by the Okinawan Masters of Japan as an official modern martial art.
But above and beyond all his other accomplishments, Benny “The Jet” Urquidez is and always
has been, first and foremost, a teacher. To that end, he invites all comers to share his birthday
celebration and participate in the Kickboxing Certification and Training Camp.
Attendees will spend Thursday, Friday, and Saturday training with “The Jet” and learning his
methods and skills. And more important, they will have the priceless opportunity of hearing his
philosophy and the life lessons that have kept him going strong in careers where most people last
months, not decades. There will also be a special reception at Team Karate Centers on Friday night to
celebrate Urquidez’s 60th birthday, and all attendees to the seminar are welcome to share in the
festivities (as a special treat, the birthday reception is open to any and all who have trained with “The
Jet”). Those who complete the weekend course to Urquidez’s will also have the opportunity to test for
Level 1 Ukidokan certification at the end of the course.
Tickets for the once-in-a-lifetime event start at $249 and are available at http://bennythejet.com/
seminar.asp. Past and present students of Urquidez who wish to attend the 60th celebration may
RSVP to BennyTheJet52@gmail.com.
For more information, please go to http://bennythejet.com/seminar.asp or call or email Fariborz Azhakh.


Special Holiday Weekend Class Schedule

We will be open this weekend but limited class times.

  • Friday 5/25 will be open normal hours 5pm and 6pm class.
  • Saturday 5/26, ONE class 10am.  TEAM WOD
  • Monday Memorial Day 5/28, ONE class 6pm.  SPECIAL WOD.
We will remind you all today in class.  We will send out an email.  If you know anyone who isn’t on FB or doesn’t check our website, text them or call them.  If we dont see you have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend. Thank you.