No Hapkido or Kickboxing Classes Friday 12/14 due to Belt Exam

Quick reminder there will be no Hapkido or Kickboxing classes tomorrow December 14th due to belt testing.  Tiny Tiger classes and CrossFit classes are still ON.

Tomorrow we will see how our testing students perform under some pressure, they all know passing is not a guarantee, 70% is what they need to pass.  Please wish them the best of luck, they have all been working extremely hard.

Thanksgiving Week Holiday EVO schedule

Hello everyone, here is a reminder of this weeks schedule of classes due to the Thanksgiving Holiday.


  • NO Yoga.  All other classes Regular Schedule


  • Yoga 10am.  All other classes Regular Schedule

Wednesday – (*) These class times only

  • NO CrossFit – 6:00AM
  • Tigers – 5:30*
  • CrossFit – 6:00*
  • Hapkido Jrs. –  6:00*
  • Hapkido Adults – 7:00
  • Kickboxing – 8:00
Thursday Thanksgiving day
  • CrossFit 11AM – (Work off that non-paleo stuffing)
Please email with any question.  This will also be posted on the Big Calendar at the entrance of Evo.
Thank you.  Happy Holidays

Monday Morning November 12th 6am CrossFit Class Cancelled due toVeterans Day Holiday

Monday Morning 6am CrossFit Class Cancelled for Veterans day Holiday, November 12th.   Believe it or not we like to rest as well.

All Regular Classes in afternoon and evening ON

Some of you will have the day off work so save that energy because we will have a HERO WOD waiting for you…Nice way to start off your week.  

Morning CrossFit Moving to Mon and Wed Starting Nov 5th.

The title says it all.  Tuesday and Thursday 6am morning CrossFit class is moving to Monday and Wednesdays starting NOVEMBER 5th.

3:30pm & 4pm Classes Cancelled (10/9/12) Due to Filming of Documentary Show Airing on Oxygen Channel.

Sorry for the late notice everyone.  We will be canceling Tiny Tigers at 3:30 and Hapkido Jr. class at 4pm today due to filming of a documentary type show which will be airing on Oxygen Channel.  Juniors can come to the 6pm class instead.  Sorry for the inconvenience, thank you.

Tiny Tigers Starts Oct. 1st. Class Schedule Change.

We would like to introduce our newest program beginning Monday October 1st at Evolution Martial Arts Academy, the Tiny Tigers program.  This program is designed especially for 3-5 year olds, it is where little ones build the foundation needed to become future black belts.  Children at this age are developing at an unbelievable pace.  Although they will learn several kicks and punches, our primary focus for children this age include:

  • Improving listening skills and following directions
  • Showing respect to their parents, instructors, and others
  • Working on hand-eye coordination and mobility
  •  Developing better focus
  •  Building self confidence
  • Improving social skills with other children

Just like our Hapkido program, the Tiny Tigers program is curriculum based.  This curriculum has been designed specifically to keep children interested and motivated to learn new skills including life skills and safety awareness that will help in school and around the house.  They will learn at a young age, it takes hard work and practice to achieve challenging goals.
Our goal is to have Tiny Tigers constantly learning and developing new skills, both on and off the mat while still having tons of fun.  Classes are 30 minutes, please email for more information or questions.
Tiny Tigers will be offered:
·      3:30-4:00pm (Monday-Friday)
·      5:00-5:30pm (Monday & Wednesday)
·      5:30-600pm (Monday & Wednesday)
·      11:00-11:30am (Saturday)
·      11:30-12:00pm (Saturday)
IMPORTANT: This new program will cause our current Class Schedule to change. (Affective 10-1-12)
·      5pm Junior class will move to 6pm (Monday & Wednesday)
·      6pm Kickboxing will move to 8pm (Monday & Wednesday)
·      11am Kickboxing will move to 8am (Saturday)
For our latest schedule always visit.

Evolution is Closed Labor Day Weekend. Sept 1st-3rd.

We would like to let you all know that Evolution will be closed Saturday September 1st through Monday September 3rd because of the Labor Day holiday.  All classes will resume Tuesday September 4th, this is also the first day of CrossFit morning class, 6am-7am.

Have a great holiday weekend and enjoy the time off, get some rest.

What You All Have Been Waiting For. New Class Times Unlocked!

Things are changing at Evolution Martial Arts Academy in the month of September.  Everyone has been asking about it and gossiping about it.  We finally have the opportunity to offer it, CrossFit morning classes!  Classes will be offered for now on Tuesday and Thursday from 6am-7am.  The first class will be September 4th.  If you are an early riser then this class is for you and let others interested know about these new class times as well.

As always, thank you all for your patience and understanding.  We are doing our best in making sure our students come first.

Please email with any questions, comments, and or concerns.  Thanks.

PS.  New All Time Rankings tab on home page for those stat people out there.

No Regular Hapkido or Kickboxing Class Friday or Saturday (8-17/8-18) Due to Belt Promotion

Just a quick reminder there will be no regular Hapkido or Kickboxing classes on Friday (August 17th) and Saturday (August 18th)

Please wish the students testing the best of luck on their Exam on Friday.
Students testing remember your exam is 5pm-6pm for Juniors, 6pm-7pm for Teens/Adults.

Saturday from 9-10am are Instructor / Parent Student conferences.
10am – 10:20 is Graduation.

Please email if you have any further questions.  Thank you.

Schedule Change for CrossFit

Starting Saturday, August 4th the CrossFit On-Ramp class will begin at 10am.  The regular CrossFit class will start at 9am.

If you can not make the 9am class, come to the 10am but be warned more attention will be paid to any  new beginners.

A one time mandatory On-Ramp Fundamentals class will be required for all beginners, more details to come shorty on this class.

Thank you.