Reminder Evolution will be Closed October 12th for Crush Cancer 2013

Just a quick reminder that ALL Classes will be cancelled tomorrow due to the Crush Cancer Event in Culver City.

We are so happy that we raised close to $2,500 in our second year participating in this event.  All gyms combined have raised almost $223,000 that will go toward the battle against cancer.  Thank you to everyone who has helped raise money and those who donated to the cause.  This is the awesome community aspect that brings strangers all with a common interest together to fight something so terrible.  

The Crush Cancer workout event is tomorrow and is held in Culver City.  We have a couple coaches and a few athletes all doing this fun workout.  We will be closing Evolution tomorrow so we can go down and support our athletes and the cause.

The event begins at 10am and goes until about 4pm.  There will be ton of different vendors for the entire family to enjoy and an after party at the Culver Hotel from 4-7pm.  Most of the Evo athletes start around 12:15 to 1:30.  If you would like to come out for a bit and support the athletes their workouts will be held in the odd shaped parking lot across from Trader Joes.  The picture below shows the workout area.

The best address is

9290 Culver Boulevard
Culver City, CA 90232

There is no parking at the event but there are 3 different parking structures that you can use that are within a short walk.  The first 2 hours are free and if you get validation, you can park for 4 hours for free.  Click on the link below for a map of downtown culver city.  Hope to see some of you there!

Important Testing Dates and Labor Day Holiday Aug 31st – Sept 2nd

It’s belt testing time again, lots of new white belts trying to achieve their orange belt and a few green belts going for blue belt level 1 our highest ranking as of now.  So here are some of the details regarding testing and the holiday weekend:

Friday August 30th
5pm – White Belts Testing 
6pm – Orange, Yellow, Green Belts Testing
7pm – Adults Testing
NO Regular Hapkido or Tiny Tiger Classes
Below is the list of the students testing as of now.


  • Liana M. (6pm)
  • Dustin L. (6pm)
  • Mimi L. (6pm)
  • Leah T. (6pm)
  • Massi T. (6pm)
  • Diego S. (6pm)
  • Ryan C. (6pm)
  • Armaan S. (5pm)
  • Yuvraj S. (5pm)
  • Rosa C. (5pm)
  • Sammy A. (5pm)
  • Manny A. (5pm)
  • Devon W. (5pm)
  • Alexis W. (5pm)
  • Jailyn W. (5pm)

  • Jay W. (7pm)
  • Catherine O. (7pm)
  • David S. (7pm)
  • Sam M. (7pm)
Saturday August 31st
9:30-10:15am – Tiny Tigers Testing
10:30 – 11am – Belt Graduation for Tiny Tigers and Jrs
NO Regular Hapkido or Tiny Tiger Classes
Below is the list of Tiny Tigers Testing
  • Aarsh S. (9:30am)
  • Alessandro P. (9:30am)
  • Kyndall W. (9:30am)
  • Jeremiah C. (9:30am)
Monday September 2nd
CLOSED No Classes Labor Day Holiday

Starting September 2nd, Minor Schedule change to Hapkido Jrs.

We are having a minor change to our Hapkido Jr. schedule.  This new schedule should help us focus more on specific belt rankings.  Starting September 2nd these are the following changes.

Monday & Wednesday:

4pm & 6pm (Green and Up)
5pm (Orange and Yellow only)

Tuesday & Thursday:

4pm & 6pm (Orange and Up)
5pm (White Belts Only)


4:30pm (Orange and Up)


10am – All Ranks (White and Up)

Important End of June and Early July Dates and Updated Schedules

That time of the year is coming up again.   Some of the team will be leaving for Las Vegas for the Annual Martial Arts Supershow.  Some will stay to keep EVO going, so lets make sure you know what is going on.

Testing:  Check here to see if you are testing and to get more information  (

  • June 28th – Hapkido Testing (5:30-6:45pm)
    • Regular Hapkido & Tiny Tiger classes CANCELLED 
    • CrossFit classes ON 
  • June 29th – Tiny Tiger Testing (11:30-12:45)
    • Regular Tiny Tiger classes CANCELLED
    • All CrossFit & Hapkido classes ON
July 1-3rd – Special Holiday Schedule,  most of you will be out of town, half of our team will be out of town.  These are the ONLY classes offered these 3 days.
4:30 – Tiny Tigers
5:00 – Hapkido Jrs. (White / Orange Belts)
6:00 – Hapkido Jrs. (Yellow / Green Belts)
7:00 – Hapkido Adults 
CrossFit (Normal Times)
July 4-7th –  Closed.  We are taking a few days off, recharging for the 2nd half of the year.
Modified Class Schedule Change. (STARTING NOW) 
6pm Monday & Wednesday Advance class will change to an All Ranks Class.  All other classes will remain in its current state.  New Schedules will be made and downloadable soon.  We know that will make some of you parents happy.    
Any questions please email  Thanks

New Class Schedule Start June 17th

This is exciting, we haven’t had a major class schedule change like this in a long time.  Here is an overview of what will be new, moving, or changing.  New schedule print outs will be made and of course our website will be updated.

New – CrossFit Class Monday-Thursday 8-9pm (Starts a week early June 10th)
New – Tiny Tiger Class Tuesday & Thursday 5pm
New – Hapkido Jr. Beginners Class (White, Orange, Yellow) Monday & Wednesdays 5pm
Moving – Hapkido Jr. ON-Ramp Tuesday & Thursday moving from 5pm to 5:30pm
Change – Hapkido Jr. (All Ranks) 4pm & 6pm, Monday & Wednesday changing to Advance Belts only (Green+)
Change – Hapkido Adults 7pm Tuesday & Thursday changing to Kickboxing Fitness

Hopefully this schedule change is beneficial to you as we would like to provide you as much as we can.  With the academy growing we try to accommodate everyone the best we possibly can.  As we continue to grow we will continue to change the schedule as needed.  This schedule change will be effective starting June 17th, the 8pm CrossFit class will begin June 10th.

Thanks for all your support.


Quick Reminder we will be Closed Monday for Memorial Day

Just in case you missed this on the Big Board we will be Closed Monday for Memorial day.  We know you CrossFitters are thinking awww no Hero WOD.  Don’t worry we will have a good Hero WOD ready for you Tuesday.

Be sure to pay respect to all those who put their lives on the line everyday to give us the freedom we are privileged enough to have.

This Friday 3:30 Tiny Tigers & 5:30 Adult Hapkido Classes Cancelled

This Friday May 3rd, 3:30pm Tiny Tigers Class will be cancelled due to Tiny Tiger Testing.  Adult Hapkido 5:30pm class will also be cancelled due to an adult testing.  Below is a summary of classes for Friday May 3rd.

3:30 Tiny Tigers Class Cancelled

4:00 Tiny Tigers Class ON
4:30 Junior Hapkido Class ON
5:00 CrossFit Class ON
5:30 Adult Hapkido Class Cancelled
6:00 CrossFit Class ON 

Friday Schedule Changes Starting February 1st.

We will be making a schedule change on Fridays, starting February 1st.  Below are the changes:

3:30-4:00          Tiny Tigers
4:00-4:30          Tiny Tigers
4:30-5:30          Hapkido Jrs.
5:30-6:30          Hapkido Adults
6:30-7:30          Kickboxing

All CrossFit class times will REMAIN the same.
Hope this schedule works for most of you.  We will remind the parents and students in class as well as we get closer to the first.  Please note in the very near future our entire schedule will be changing, we will be adding even more classes.

Please email if you have any questions.  Thanks.  

6PM Friday 1/11 Classes Cancelled.

Hello everyone, we will be canceling 6pm classes on Friday January 11th because we will all be attending an important fundraiser at the Ice Skating Rink in Woodland Hills.  We would love for you to stop by as well to support this great cause.

Our Vinyasa Yoga instructor Helene is organizing this event.

Celebrate the Life of Jessica Silver

“Jessie was a beautiful, tough, firecracker of a little girl who was loved and will be missed by many. Unfortunately, NMC is difficult to diagnose and there is no know treatment for it because it is rare and has very little funding for research.

I am inviting everyone I know to help raise money and awareness for NMC research by skating at the Woodland Hills outdoor ice rink on Jan 11th. Please print and bring the attached flyer to the event and with any luck, this new year will see the end of a terrible disease. ❤”

EVO Christmas & New Years Schedule

Just a reminder to all our students and members the up coming holiday schedule at Evolution Martial Arts Academy

Monday 12/24 – Thursday 12/27 CLOSED

Friday 12/28 & Saturday 12/29 OPEN

Monday 12/31 & Tuesday 1/1 CLOSED

Happy Holidays and have a Happy New Year, be safe and spend time with family and friends.  2013 is going to be a big year for everyone so rest up now.