We are close to signing a deal, barring any major setbacks.

We are closing in on a 3 year, potentially 5 year deal for a spot in Chatsworth.  Hopefully we finalize this in the next few days.  We and others have looked over the pages and pages of the lease making sure all of our bases are covered.  There are a few minor things that we need to resolve but they should not be major issues.  We have aggressively fought for a deal that we feel is fair enough that will help our start-up survive.

We will keep you all posted.  Again thank you for all the support during this long, sometimes dreadful process.             

Google has finally done it. Blogger App on iOS.

Google has finally answered a wish we have been hoping for since the beginning of the year. They have officially released a blogger app for iOS today. This message was written on an iPhone while waiting for lunch and it’s great.

How does this help us? This little app allows us to update the news feed on our website anywhere anytime we have signal. Because everything we have is linked together it updates our Facebook page with the same article.

What does this mean for you? All news can be updated as fast as we can think of it. As long as you follow any one of our news sources you should be updated.

With the technology we have today it enables us to effectively communicate to all of our followers. As always thanks for following us and supporting us through this tough journey.

What “Circle” are you going to belong to?

We always try to stay up to date with the latest and greatest in new technologies, which is sometimes really difficult knowing how fast things change.  We have mentioned in a previous news article about our Evo website and what our goals for the site are.  What was not mentioned was that Google and all the tools associated with it play such a vital role in our site’s features.  Google has enabled us to communicate more effectively with our students and all other users who follow us.

Google has decided to step up and challenge the social media giant Facebook with Google+.  It has some very similar features as Facebook but one stand out feature we really like is the ability create “Circles” and assign people into specific circles.  This gives us even better channels of communications with our students and users.  Specific circles receive specific information from us which is more efficient.  Imagine the ability for all our students to create Evo circles with classmates.  It will bring the Evo community that much closer together.  Google+ is still in beta and is invite only but shows great potential to legitimately compete with Facebook.

One of the features we were hoping for was allowing our Google Apps profile to be used to create our Google+ profile.  Maybe in a few weeks they will allow this.  Google is currently looking into applying Google+ into businesses, we have signed up to be notified when this feature is available.  We are hoping Google+ can be easily embedded into our website so users can easily add us.

If you get an invite you should register for an account.  They already have a +1 button below this post…Google you get a +1, keep up the good work, it makes life a bit easier for us.

Quick Updates and “Way Beyond the White Board”

Its been a long time since we have updated our news feed.  Here is a quick run down of what has been going on.  We were very close in almost signing a spot in Chatsworth but ran into a few issues,  so we decided to part ways with the building.  Ever since then we have just been continuing our search to find the future home of Evolution Martial Arts Academy.  We have expanded our search to the Agoura Hills and Westlake Village area.  The selection that way west is much slimmer and the cost per sq foot is much higher, but zoning regulations are a bit easier in Ventura county.  Like any good business owner we will not settle on just any building and rush this process.  Doing all our due diligence and running the numbers will help us in the long run. 

We have officially affiliated with Crossfit.  It was a bit of a process but we can now mark that off of our to do list.  

Had a great meeting with Mr. Omid this morning, we discussed some back end database schema designs. We have a vision that is somewhat complex but will hopefully benefit all of our future students.  Any crossfitter knows the two most important values in their workouts are Power and Time.  Most crossfitters use “Beyond the White Board” which is a website where you can record, and track your measurements and slowly view your progression over time.  It is a wonderful idea but the site can be somewhat lacking at times.  So we have something in the works which is similar but hopefully a bit more user friendly and understandable.  We believe this can be “Way Beyond the White Board” for both our crossfitters and our Martial Art students as well.  One of the keys is to make it simple and easy to use and understand,  students are more unlikely to use it if to complicated and takes too much time. We cannot specify any more details at the moment but we are very excited of the possibilities.  iPhone and iPad app anyone?

We want to thank all the people on our Facebook page for still liking us and supporting us.  We are all still very excited about this project and wont let anything discourage us from doing what we love.  It is taking a bit more time to get started than we would like but as Mr. Alex said “Good things don’t come easy otherwise everyone would be doing it.”  We will try to update our news more regularly to keep everyone in the loop.

Microsoft IE 9 has caused a bit of problem for our site. Not Cool.

The beta version of our site has been working fine up until last night when Microsoft released Internet Explorer 9 to the general public.  Everything was working great on IE8, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, the big four internet browsers.  Because each browser operates a bit differently our code has been modified so all four would see our site relatively the same.  So just when we think everything is cool, Microsoft throws this curve ball out there affecting a few of the Java Scripts running on some of the pages.  So back to the drawing board and its time to change some of the code again.  Some of the issues are related to Google and we are pretty sure the Google developers are working on their end to fix their issues as well.  Luckily our site has not gone live yet so we have some time to workout some of these issues.  We know sometime down the road this same issue will happen to all the other browsers as new releases come out.  Its all part of that Evolution process. 

This has been a quick update to our website.  We are still working hard at it and our vision remains the same.  We can’t wait to write a blog that says the site is live so please check it out.  Until then thanks for following the blog, hope to have more updates soon.

UPDATE: Firefox 4.0 released on 3-22-11 is working great with our site.  Thank you Mozilla for not messing anything up.

We’ve been working hard on our site and its looking good. Read on for a Sneak Peak.

Mr. James has been spending long nights and days working on this site and it is coming together very nicely.  It’s still a bit rough around the edges but should be all good very soon.  Mr. Brandon’s quote “I’m so impressed, I LOVE the look”.  Our vision for our website was pretty simple, lots of data while keeping the look very clean, keeping everything looking uniform from our blogger to our twitter page, and even our youtube channel.  Our goal was to keep everything talking and playing nicely together, where information meets functionality.

We not only wanted new visitors to visit the page for information but also current students.  We needed to give them a reason to check the page often.  So the home page has plenty of things students can view that are constantly changing.

Now its time to fill it with some good data.  Follow this blog for more information on when the site actually goes live.  If you have ideas for the site leave a comment on this blog, we’ll look into it.  Special Thanks to Mr. James visit his site for his other projects.  http://www.jlaudesigns.com/

p.s. There is no event scheduled to happen in 81 Days 9 Hrs. 43 Mins. 27 Secs. Sorry.

Mr. Brandon’s Awesome Photoshoot.

Here are some of the awesome pics from Mr. Brandon’s photoshoot.

More pics can be viewed from his Bio page on the Evolution Martial Arts Academy website.

Healthier Lifestyles May Prevent 340,000 U.S. Cancers a Year: Study

When you hear the word cancer it can never be a good thing. This article sheds a little positive light on the fact that healthier lifestyles can help prevent cancer cases. So get out there and be ACTIVE!

Healthier Lifestyles May Prevent 340,000 U.S. Cancers a Year: Study

Our First Post!

Evolution Martial Arts Academy has finally created a Blogger Account.  The cool thing about this we can embed Blogger into our website =] and I think into Facebook as well (If we set it up properly).  So what that means is less work for us =] and more connections to you.  All news, photos, stories, links, videos, and anything else we think is cool and important we will blog and all of you can find it any way you are connected to us.  RSS feed, Facebook, website, blogger, newsletter…etc.

So thanks everyone for all your support during this start up process, it really means a lot.  Just continue to follow us as we continue to work to get this project on its feet.  I promise you, you will not be disappointed.