Vinyasa Yoga Classes Starting Soon at EVO

We are proud to present a Vinyasa Yoga program starting very soon at Evolution Martial Arts Academy. Vinyasa Yoga is a flow yoga, because of the smooth way that the poses run together and become like a dance. The breath becomes an important component because you move from one pose to the next on an inhale or an exhale. The constant movements from one pose to another, gives an added cardiovascular benefit, which more traditional forms of yoga do not have. The consistant practice of vinyasa yoga can increase muscle strength, endurance and flexibility, and reduce levels of stress.

This is a great compliment to CrossFit for those days off.  We are thinking about offering the class Mondays and Wednesdays from 10-11am.  More class times will be available as we soon as we gain more interest in this program.  If you are interested in different times or days please send us an email to  We will take your suggestion into consideration when we officially finalize the time and start date.  Thanks again, we are always looking to improve our community and what can offer to our students.

For Those of You On Your Smart Phones As Much As Us

Ever on your iPhone or Android and wonder what is going on at Evolution Martial Arts Academy?  Forgot class times?  Are we closed for a specific holiday or event?  James just spent 2 days turning our awesome website into a mobile friendly version.  This clean simple easy to read optimized website is perfect to find out the latest news, events, info, class schedule.

There should be no reason why you can’t contact us with any questions or concerns.  Simple Call, Text, Email, and Find Us buttons help you connect with us in seconds.  
For those of you who have an iPhone and want to keep a shortcut “app” icon on your home screen.

  1. Open in safari browser
  2. Click the share button at middle bottom (next to bookmarks button)
  3. Select  “Add to Home Screen”

UPDATE 10-2-12: Oh you Android people always causing issues, the website is not automatically redirecting you to the mobile site like it is suppose to.  Working on a fix, you can always visit

Can’t Get Enough EVO? Sign Up For Our Newsletters

If you are a student, parent, friend, or visitor, please sign up for our newsletters.  If you don’t visit our website or Facebook often this is the easiest way to receive the latest news, updates, and deals.  There are 3 ways to sign up:
1) On our website at the upper right corner
2) On the top of our Facebook page where it says “Email Signup”
3) At EVO on our iPad.

All email addresses are never given away.  You will receive a confirmation email asking if you want to join newsletter.  Please click on the link to confirm.

If you have already signed up please check your SPAM folder and add us to your safe list.  We have received feedback that gmail will spam these newsletters.  
The last thing you want is to get excited and pumped up before a class to then drive over and find out we are closed for a holiday or event you were not aware of.

Facebook Check-Ins Deals, where did you go?

Everyone we have some bad news.  It looks like Facebook’s recent app update to iPhones and Androids have broken the chance for you to claim discounts and prizes from us for collecting check-in’s at Evolution.

We hope they fix this soon and you all can start accumulating check-in’s again.  We let you know when and if they decide to fix this.  We hope this doesn’t change the fact that you all still continue to check-in and write really smart-a** status comments.  🙂  

Some of our Favorites:

“WOD the hell was I thinking??”
“Even when I don’t want to”
“That girl was just straight nasty”
“Me and the worlds biggest fan”
“Did Kelly would have rather done Nancy”
“Snatch Time”
“Where’s the Check-Out button??”

Our First Deal with Affective Living.

We have partnered up with Affective Living because we believe in education and charities.  Affective Living is similar to any other group buying deal sites (ie. Groupon, Living Social), the only difference is they give a percentage back on every deal to the local schools and or charities of the buyers choosing.  Their area of focus for now is northern portion of the San Fernando Valley, Northridge, Chatsworth, Granada Hills, and Porter Ranch.  They are slowly expanding.

Our first deal is a Martial Arts deal of unlimited training for a month plus uniform for $49.  If you know any one who lives in the area and is interested please have them visit:

They offer a lot of great deals with the local businesses in our area.  Affective Living loves giving back, and what a better way to help our community than invest in our community’s future…our children, local non-profits and charitable organizations!

Accumulate Facebook “Check-Ins” at Evolution Martial Arts Academy to Earn Discounts and Free Stuff.

We would like to somehow thank all of our loyal students for coming into Evolution Martial Arts Academy training and working hard on a regular basis.  So we have come up with a way to reward them.  We will break this down as simple as possible.  Starting Wednesday June 13th do the following:

1.  Check yourself into Evolution Martial Arts Academy on FACEBOOK when you arrive.  You will see  Accumulate check-ins for rewards. Up to 50% off” (example below, may look different based on the version of FB on phone)

2. Take Class
3. Go Home (shower)
4. Do it again next time.  Check-in as much as possible.
5. Once you have checked in 20 times it should say “Present this screen to Jason or Brandon”
6.  We then input into the good ole computer that you checked in 20 times and then you start all over.
So you have a bunch of check-ins what can do with them?  We are in the process of developing a chart that you can pick and choose how to spend your check ins.  For example 25 check-ins can earn you 50% off a T-Shirt.  Or you can save up 50 check-ins for a Free T-Shirt.  
So remember June 13th start racking up Check-Ins…who knows one item maybe a Free Month.  Something so simple can earn you some cool stuff in our opinion.
*Some exclusions do apply ask Jason or email if you have any questions.  

Our Website has Officially Launched.

Our website was officially launched earlier today.  We gave a few screen shots in the February 2011 post, since then a lot of good changes have been made.  The goal of the site has remained the same and many more features are coming soon.

We still believe that our site is a tool that can be used to be informative and a way to build closer relationships with the people in our Academy (hint for something coming).

For our current CrossFit students the WOD Leaderboard is updated daily, hopefully even right after every class.  Please visit our home page to check and record your times and weight lifted.  To keep the fun of not knowing what the workout is you will see a “?” under the SW and WOD section.  Toward the end of the day the actual SW and WOD will be posted.  This will keep the mystery for students coming to a later class.

As always check under recent news on the home page for the latest news about fitness, martial arts, and what is going on with the studio (Days closed, exam dates,etc…).  As Evolution grows so will this site.

PS: If you have taken any great pictures of classes or anything related to our academy and would like to share it with others by adding it to our site please email us at  We would love to share it with others!

We are finally open!

At last after all the months and months of looking for a good location and then all the time it took to build up the Academy we are finally here.  We want to thank everyone who stopped over at our Open House on Saturday April 14th.  We had a great time seeing all of our friends and meeting new people.  It was nice receiving compliments from people who have never walked into our academy.

Things have been a bit chaotic these last few days now with the gym officially open.  Here is an update of what has been going on.  We are running classes in the afternoon starting at 3pm.  Everyday there have been new potential students trickling in trying out classes which has been great.  We have received a lot of positive feedback about our CrossFit program.  Everyone is just loving the workouts.  

New CrossFit equipment is still coming in the next couple weeks.  We are ordering more martial arts supplies.  Now that we have built the walls we just need to decorate them.  We received wonderful signed photos from Sensei Fariborz, Sensei Benny The Jet, and Master Sexton that must be hung.  The academy is functional we are just going to slowly move in our office furniture.  

If you are in the area please stop in and visit.  Things are always changing at the Evolution Martial Arts Academy.  Our long awaited website is about to go live very very soon.  We hope to post more updates more often.  Thanks for all the support.

Our Classic Shirts are here. Pick one up today!

Hello everyone, as you all know we have been involved in a lot of crazy stuff this month.  We are proud to say that our first original shirts are here.  This shirts are our classic shirts, with our basic Evolution and Crossfit logos.  Other shirts designs will be available as limited runs but these will always be in stock.  Classics can never get old.

We are partnering up with our good friends at Sanbon Pro Apparel to bring you quality shirts at reasonable prices.  Everything you would expect from their brand but with our logos.  We checked out a bunch of different materials and this material is the best for our needs.  The shirts are made with 100% Super Fine Cotton, very soft, lightweight, and perfect for working out in.

Shirts will come in men’s cut, women’s v-neck cut, and kids also known as “Grasshopper” cut by Sanbon.  Shirts will run $20.  Our online store is not quite ready yet so if you are interested in a shirt and would like to support our new start up please message Mr. Jason, Mr. Brandon, Mr. James, or email

As always thank you all for the support, we are working hard and slowly getting this project off the ground.  Please visit our good friends.

PS: The most important thing, the shirts are TAGLESS!

It’s official we have signed a lease. Big 2012 ahead.

We are proud to say we have officially signed a lease to a building in Chatsworth.  The building is located on Plummer near the corner of Plummer and Desoto.  We needed something large to split between Crossfit and martial arts, so the unit is a massive 7702 sq ft.  (The Crossfit space will be nothing you have ever seen before, all we can say for now is PIT)  This building satisfied many of the criteria we were looking for, size, price, location, and parking.  We went full circle and finally got back to this building.  Looking back on all the other potential spots we are glad none of them accepted our offers.    
We should be receiving keys very soon but we can’t officially move in until January 1st.  Our next step is to build up the unit to our needs and specifications.  Hopefully this process does not take too long.  We want to get in and start training ASAP.  We are very excited and looking forward to a very important first year.  
As always thank you all for the support.  Its going to get crazy in the next few weeks.  Check our blog or Facebook page regularly to stay current with the latest news.  Be sure to tell all your friends the good news.   
We had the vision, we have the strategy, now its time to execute.