Important Dates for Week of February 18th

Just in case you have not walked into EVO lately and checked out the “Big Board” in the front, here are some important upcoming dates.

Monday February 18th – Presidents Day CLOSED

Friday February 22nd – Belt Exams – Some classes cancelled please view the list below.

  • Tiny Tiger Classes – 3:30pm & 4pm ON
  • CrossFit Classes – 5pm & 6pm ON
  • JR Hapkido – 4:30pm  CANCELLED due to testing
  • Adult Hapkido – 5:30pm CANCELLED due to testing
  • Kickboxing – 6:30 CANCELLED due to testing
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This will allow memorial photos like the ones below to be saved to your account and shared among your friends and family.  

Body Fat Test Mobile Truck coming Dec 7th!!

After a great summer of training, doing the 30-day Paleo Primer, and Crush Cancer, we are bringing back the Body Fat Test truck to Evolution Martial Arts on Dec 7th from 3pm-7pm. Many of you did a baseline test back at the end of the July to get an idea of where you were in your body mass composition. Now, you can actually see how much your hard work has paid off over these last four months. You will be able to exactly see how much muscle you have gained, how much fat you have lost! For our new students, you will be able to get a baseline reading as well.

First time test is $49, Re-Test is $35.  Please sign up for your 10 minute time slot at the front desk.

You Think It’s Easy to Teach Martial Arts?

Attention all junior Hapkido students ever wanted to be an instructor?  This is your chance to become your favorite instructor and teach a friend martial arts.  Invite one friend to Evolution Martial Arts Academy on November 16th for a special fun filled class at 6pm-7pm.  

All students will teach their friends the same 1 technique.  We will see who does the best job by watching each friend perform the technique.  Lets see who has what it takes to become a great martial arts instructor.

Quick Reminder of October Events


  • Regular Hapkido and Kickboxing Classes CANCELLED Due to Testing. 
  • Tiny Tigers and CrossFit classes are still ON
  • Jr Exam – 5pm to 6pm 
  • Adult / Teen Exam – 6pm to 7pm 

  • ALL CLASSES CANCELLED due to Belt Graduation. 
  • Crush Cancer WOD Culver City 

  • Show off your Halloween costume. Wear it to class day. (Must leave masks and accessories off the mat) 

  • All Junior Classes CANCELLED due to Halloween. Have fun Trick or Treating, stay safe.
  • All Adult Classes ON

6pm Classes Cancelled Friday 9/28 for Porter Ranch Kids Klub Event.

Evolution will be canceling all 6pm classes on Friday September 28th.  We are very excited to welcome the entire Porter Ranch Kids Klub to Evolution for a short class and movie on the big screen.  If you see them please welcome our guests to our community.  
Hapkido Jr. class at 4pm will still be on.
Hapkido Teen/Adults and CrossFit at 5pm will still be on.  

Evolution and DogTown CrossFit coming together for Crush Cancer Fundraiser Event!

Start your fundraising!! Evolution Martial Arts Academy is going to be joining in on the 2nd Annual Crush Cancer event that is being coordinated by DogTown CrossFit in Culver City. Instead of participating in Fight Gone Bad, we will be supporting this fundraising event, in which all the proceeds go to Stand Up 2 Cancer to help fund cancer research, and maybe even one day, find a cure! We have all encountered someone who has had cancer, and either won or lost their fight. This event is for them, and every other person who might one day be fighting for their life against this horrible disease! Let’s help make a difference!

What is Crush Cancer and how did it get started?

Crush Cancer was created by DogTown Crossfit in 2011, as a substitute for the annual “Fight Gone Bad” fundraising event that most CrossFit gyms hold. The reason being that last year, FGB decided not to donate any portion of the proceeds to cancer research. Not that FGB doesn’t do a great in fundraising for wounded vets, families of fallen soldiers and first responders, and other noble charities of that nature. But, cancer affects hundreds of thousands of people per year, and that kind of statistic is sobering. One of the owners of Dogtown CrossFit, Adam Noble, is a cancer survivor. He fought the disease, and lived to tell about it. As a result, the fight against cancer is quite personal to him. Last year, in its inaugural event, which Coach Brandon participated in (as then a member of the DogTown family), $60,000 was raised for Stand Up To Cancer, and it was an amazing workout and event. This year, Evolution asked DogTown CrossFit to join in on this worthy cause, and have a fun time doing this event with them.

How do I get involved?

Evolution has created their own fundraiser page on Crowdrise ( Go to this page, and on the right hand side you will see a button that reads “Join the Team”. Click on that button and set up your own page under our team page. Once your page is ready to go, all you have to do is post the link on your FB, Twitter, or whatever other social media account you have. Tell your friends to donate on your page. There is no minimum (and of course no maximum). Even if it is just $1, that still is $1 more towards finding a cure!! Every week, you want to repost this link, and keep reminding your friends about it. Think about if every FB friend you have donated $1?? That’s pretty good right? So, don’t be afraid to ask. Remind them that this donation is tax-deductible as Stand Up to Cancer (SU2C) is a 501c3 organization.

Ok, so I have raised money, now what?

On October 27th, in Downtown Culver City, we will participate in an awesome, outdoor, public WOD!! You can invite your friends, family, neighbors, whoever you want!! It is an awesome day of camaraderie and sportsmanship. You will be doing the following workout for total amount of reps.

3 Rounds- 1 min. Each Station

– Power Cleans
– Kettlebell Swings
– Burpees
– Shoulder to Overhead
– Double Unders

Here’s some additional information on the upcoming Crush Cancer fundraiser:

1) All active CrossFit students have to create their personal page under our Evolution fundraiser page by Friday, September 21st! (this gives you a little over a month to fundraise)

Some evil WOD will be assigned to those who don’t make the deadline >:) …and you will still have to create a
page… hehe…

Ask Coach Brandon if you need help in setting up your page. It is pretty straight forward though…

2) You have to actively fundraise! Even if that means donating some money yourself. This is for the fight against cancer, so every dollar counts! Even if it is only $1!!

3) You are NOT required to participate on the day of the Crush Cancer event, but you ARE required to do the workout. There will be “make up” days for the Crush Cancer WOD (before and after the actual event).

Paleo speakers coming to EVO, 6pm tonight, July 30th!

ATTENTION CROSSFIT EVO!! No regular class at 6:00PM!!

Today we will be having a special guest coming to speak with everyone about Paleo and give you alot more information about the diet and how it works at 6:00PM!!

Coach Sean Coonce is a good friend of mine from Dogtown CrossFit, and their resident nutritional consultant and Paleo expert! He has a vast amount of knowledge about Paleo and general nutrition, which is why I asked him to come talk to you all. He has even offered to individually consult any EVO member who wants to discuss nutrition and set executable goals.

Regular class will be at 5:00PM and possibly another regular class running concurrently with the Intro class at 7:00PM! He has a lot of good information, and I know you all have a lot of questions, so I feel a full hour is required.

Grand Opening “Mini” Games Details along with Prizes Announced

The 2012 CrossFit games are same weekend as our Grand Opening.  For our Grand Opening Event we have decided to hold our own “Mini” CrossFit Games.  People will have a chance to participate and earn tickets which they can use to enter drawings for different prizes.  The “Mini” Games will begin at around 12pm July 14th.  Anyone can participate, children and adults.  BRING AND INVITE anyone you think is interested.  For less than 5 mins of work you can potentially win 2 months free training!    
How it works.  
There will be 4 stations. (Push Ups, Sit Ups, Box Jumps, and Squats).  Each participant will have exactly 60 seconds to do as many repetitions as possible at each station.  There will be a judge at each station that will count each rep.  At the end of the 60 seconds the judge will award the participant tickets based on rep count.  The more reps counted the more tickets a participant will earn.  A maximum of 5 tickets can be earned, 1 ticket will be award to anyone who participates.  Judges determine Reps, there will be no arguments or disputes with judges.  What they say goes.  
Participants are not required to do every station.  Participants can only do each station once.  Once a participant is done collecting all the tickets they must turn the tickets into our raffle bowl.  Tickets for prizes will be picked out of the bowl.  
Workouts and Reps done in 60 secs for tickets

Squats (Rear end must touch Med Ball)
5 tickets – 50+ 
4 tickets – 40 
3 tickets – 30 
2 tickets – 20 
1 ticket –  <19 
Push Up – (Release bottom) (Men must do from toes, ladies and children can do from knees)
5 tickets – 40+
4 tickets – 31-39
3 tickets – 21-30
2 tickets – 15-20
1 ticket – <15
Sit-Ups –  (Hands must touch ground by feet)
5 tickets – 50+ 
4 tickets – 40 
3 tickets – 30 
2 tickets – 20 
1 ticket –  <19 
Box Jumps – (Must stand all the way up on the box)(Men 20″, Women and Children 12″)

5 tickets – 40+
4 tickets – 31-39

3 tickets – 21-30
2 tickets – 15-20
1 ticket – <15
Grand Prize – 2 Month Membership Single Program (1 Winner)
1 Month Membership Single Program (1 Winner)
1 10 Class Power Pack (2 Winners)
1 T-shirt (Grand Opening if still available or Regular Shirt) (5 Winners)
*Prizes may vary based on number of participants. 

EVO closed Friday June 15th. Celebrating Sensei Benny “The Jet” Birthday.

We wanted to let all of our students know that Evolution will be closed on Friday June 15th.  Mr. Jason and Mr. Brandon will be attending Sensei Benny “The Jet” Birthday Reception at Team Karate Centers.  Sensei Benny is a living legend and one of our teachers, we would not miss his 60th Birthday for the world.  Team Karate Centers is hosting a 3 day Benny “The Jet” Kickboxing and Certification and Training Camp.  Evolution will be back to regular business hours Saturday June 16th.  For more information read the Press Release below or visit:
Press Release

Contact: Fariborz Azhakh
Cell phone: 818-355-1107
Woodland Hills, California – In a world where fame is fleeting and most people fight for their 15
minutes of fame, martial arts movie star and kickboxing legend Benny “The Jet” Urquidez is reaching
one more milestone: his 60th birthday.
To celebrate a life dedicated to martial arts and personal excellence, Urquidez will host and teach
a Kickboxing Certification and Training Camp on Thursday, June 14, through Saturday, June 16.
Attendees to the training camp, (to be held at Team Karate Centers in Woodland Hills, CA) will have
the opportunity to hear Urquidez teach words of wisdom garnered in a professional career without peer.
Most pro fighters hope for a hint of the limelight, perhaps a chance at a title shot. Urquidez’s pro
fighting career spanned more than two decades, with 63 world titles. He is the only fighter in history to
have retained six World Championships in five weight divisions for 24 consecutive years. He was
named Black Belt Magazine’s Fighter of the Year and inducted into their Hall of Fame. He became an
international movie star in his own right, appearing with Jackie Chan, John Cusack, and Jean-Claude
Van Damme; and simultaneously trained with and choreographed fights for Hollywood A-listers like
Tom Cruise, Nicolas Cage, and Mark Wahlberg. Urquidez even founded and created Ukidokan Karate,
recognized by the Okinawan Masters of Japan as an official modern martial art.
But above and beyond all his other accomplishments, Benny “The Jet” Urquidez is and always
has been, first and foremost, a teacher. To that end, he invites all comers to share his birthday
celebration and participate in the Kickboxing Certification and Training Camp.
Attendees will spend Thursday, Friday, and Saturday training with “The Jet” and learning his
methods and skills. And more important, they will have the priceless opportunity of hearing his
philosophy and the life lessons that have kept him going strong in careers where most people last
months, not decades. There will also be a special reception at Team Karate Centers on Friday night to
celebrate Urquidez’s 60th birthday, and all attendees to the seminar are welcome to share in the
festivities (as a special treat, the birthday reception is open to any and all who have trained with “The
Jet”). Those who complete the weekend course to Urquidez’s will also have the opportunity to test for
Level 1 Ukidokan certification at the end of the course.
Tickets for the once-in-a-lifetime event start at $249 and are available at
seminar.asp. Past and present students of Urquidez who wish to attend the 60th celebration may
For more information, please go to or call or email Fariborz Azhakh.


First Responders Appreciation Day June 10th.

Evolution Martial Arts Academy is hosting a first responders appreciation day on Sunday June 10th as a thank you for their hard work in our community.  They are the ones protecting us, keeping us safe, and helping us out with any type of emergency.  First responders are usually taken for granted and we wanted to make sure they are recognized for everything they do.  This event is only open to them and their families.  We will be offering free CrossFit classes for the adults and martial arts for their children if they decide to come.  Its a great way for everyone to meet, hangout, and have a good time.

Class times will be:
  • 9am
  • 10am
  • 11am
There will also be a free BBQ lunch and snacks.  We will be raffling off prizes throughout the event.  If any first responders are reading this please join us and wear your departments shirt.  If you don’t want to actively participate in the workouts please just stop by anyways.  It would be nice to just meet you and your family.  Please bring your business card, we will use them to draw names for prizes.  If you know any first responders out there, LAPD, LAFD, EMT, etc who maybe interested let them know and email or share this link, use the buttons provided below.

If you are thinking of attending please join the event on facebook.