Evolution and DogTown CrossFit coming together for Crush Cancer Fundraiser Event!

Start your fundraising!! Evolution Martial Arts Academy is going to be joining in on the 2nd Annual Crush Cancer event that is being coordinated by DogTown CrossFit in Culver City. Instead of participating in Fight Gone Bad, we will be supporting this fundraising event, in which all the proceeds go to Stand Up 2 Cancer to help fund cancer research, and maybe even one day, find a cure! We have all encountered someone who has had cancer, and either won or lost their fight. This event is for them, and every other person who might one day be fighting for their life against this horrible disease! Let’s help make a difference!

What is Crush Cancer and how did it get started?

Crush Cancer was created by DogTown Crossfit in 2011, as a substitute for the annual “Fight Gone Bad” fundraising event that most CrossFit gyms hold. The reason being that last year, FGB decided not to donate any portion of the proceeds to cancer research. Not that FGB doesn’t do a great in fundraising for wounded vets, families of fallen soldiers and first responders, and other noble charities of that nature. But, cancer affects hundreds of thousands of people per year, and that kind of statistic is sobering. One of the owners of Dogtown CrossFit, Adam Noble, is a cancer survivor. He fought the disease, and lived to tell about it. As a result, the fight against cancer is quite personal to him. Last year, in its inaugural event, which Coach Brandon participated in (as then a member of the DogTown family), $60,000 was raised for Stand Up To Cancer, and it was an amazing workout and event. This year, Evolution asked DogTown CrossFit to join in on this worthy cause, and have a fun time doing this event with them.

How do I get involved?

Evolution has created their own fundraiser page on Crowdrise (www.crowdrise.com/evolutionmaa). Go to this page, and on the right hand side you will see a button that reads “Join the Team”. Click on that button and set up your own page under our team page. Once your page is ready to go, all you have to do is post the link on your FB, Twitter, or whatever other social media account you have. Tell your friends to donate on your page. There is no minimum (and of course no maximum). Even if it is just $1, that still is $1 more towards finding a cure!! Every week, you want to repost this link, and keep reminding your friends about it. Think about if every FB friend you have donated $1?? That’s pretty good right? So, don’t be afraid to ask. Remind them that this donation is tax-deductible as Stand Up to Cancer (SU2C) is a 501c3 organization.

Ok, so I have raised money, now what?

On October 27th, in Downtown Culver City, we will participate in an awesome, outdoor, public WOD!! You can invite your friends, family, neighbors, whoever you want!! It is an awesome day of camaraderie and sportsmanship. You will be doing the following workout for total amount of reps.

3 Rounds- 1 min. Each Station

– Power Cleans
– Kettlebell Swings
– Burpees
– Shoulder to Overhead
– Double Unders

Here’s some additional information on the upcoming Crush Cancer fundraiser:

1) All active CrossFit students have to create their personal page under our Evolution fundraiser page by Friday, September 21st! (this gives you a little over a month to fundraise)

Some evil WOD will be assigned to those who don’t make the deadline >:) …and you will still have to create a
page… hehe…

Ask Coach Brandon if you need help in setting up your page. It is pretty straight forward though…

2) You have to actively fundraise! Even if that means donating some money yourself. This is for the fight against cancer, so every dollar counts! Even if it is only $1!!

3) You are NOT required to participate on the day of the Crush Cancer event, but you ARE required to do the workout. There will be “make up” days for the Crush Cancer WOD (before and after the actual event).

Paleo speakers coming to EVO, 6pm tonight, July 30th!

ATTENTION CROSSFIT EVO!! No regular class at 6:00PM!!

Today we will be having a special guest coming to speak with everyone about Paleo and give you alot more information about the diet and how it works at 6:00PM!!

Coach Sean Coonce is a good friend of mine from Dogtown CrossFit, and their resident nutritional consultant and Paleo expert! He has a vast amount of knowledge about Paleo and general nutrition, which is why I asked him to come talk to you all. He has even offered to individually consult any EVO member who wants to discuss nutrition and set executable goals.

Regular class will be at 5:00PM and possibly another regular class running concurrently with the Intro class at 7:00PM! He has a lot of good information, and I know you all have a lot of questions, so I feel a full hour is required.

Schedule Change for CrossFit

Starting Saturday, August 4th the CrossFit On-Ramp class will begin at 10am.  The regular CrossFit class will start at 9am.

If you can not make the 9am class, come to the 10am but be warned more attention will be paid to any  new beginners.

A one time mandatory On-Ramp Fundamentals class will be required for all beginners, more details to come shorty on this class.

Thank you.

Final Rankings for June 2012

Here are the final rankings for the month of June.  Hope the CrossFitters are seeing an improvement in their Avg. per class.  Keep it up. 

New Class Schedule…On Ramp CrossFit Classes Now Active.

We have made changes to our class schedule, we tried to accommodate everyones schedule the best we could.

Our regular CrossFitters from the day we opened are slowly getting the hang of most of the functional movements and techniques which has been great.  We noticed that they all have improved their fitness levels.  It is time we start dedicating classes for beginners and others who have never done CrossFit.  The On-Ramp classes will have the Skill Work broken down even more and a WOD that is scaled or modified for beginners.  The coaches will decide if new CrossFitters are ready to merge into the regular classes.    
We strongly urge our regular CrossFitters to not take the On-Ramp class because more focus will be dedicated to the beginners.  If you are a regular CrossFitter and you feel like you need a refresher on a technique or if you just missed your regular class and need some type of workout for that day then come to this class.  You will do the intro WOD which will not be as challenging for you.

On Ramp Classes:
Mondays & Wednesday 7:00pm
Saturday 9:00am

Hapkido and Kickboxing class times have also changed as well. Please visit our website regularly for any news and class scheduling changes. Thank You.


Final May 2012 CrossFit Rankings at Evolution

Here are the final rankings for the month of May.  Everyone really worked hard and the coaches couldn’t be prouder.  Try to improve your own point total for the month of June.


New Changes to CrossFit Ranking System

As you all know the point system is pretty fun and exciting.  People are telling us they visit the site regularly to see how they have been moving up the rankings after each class.  It has been hard keeping the playing field “fair” points wise.  Here are a few changes that are going to be made.

  • If you do a WOD at prescribed weight please put RX next to your time.  You must complete the entire workout at the weights written on the board to qualify.  You will receive +5 points to whatever your point ranking was.  
  • If you do Pull-Ups through out the entire WOD without assistance bands you will receive +2 points. 
  • If you do the WOD at prescribed weight and Pull-Ups without bands you will receive +7 points.
  • If the coaches feel your technique was incorrect or sloppy you can possibly lose points.
Any changes will be made to give a more accurate ranking system.  Consistency is still key to CrossFit and the Rankings, the more you come the more points you receive.  

We have developed a CrossFit Ranking System to promote a little Healthy Competition

EDIT 5-14-12:  All members will be on the list.  If you decide you would not like to participate please email us.  Our thoughts are not everyone will want to aim for the number one spot but if you know you rank pretty close with someone, this could be a good way to give you a bit more gas.

Ok we have developed a Ranking System.

This is our way of inspiring a bit of HEALTHY competition in our CrossFit family.  If you would like to be added to the list or would like to be removed from the list please let us know.  Some of us like competing with our friends because it makes us work harder and we all ultimately get better together.  A chart will be viewable on our website in the near future.
This is how the point system works:
1. After every WOD, times are recorded on the board along side the CrossFitters name.
2. We take this list and sort everyone throughout the entire day. (WOD Leaderboard on home page)
3.  In that entire list if there are 15 people participating in this Ranking System, the top person’s time or score from WOD will net him or her 15 points.  The last person will receive a point of 1.  
4.  On WOD Leaderboard there is a column that states how many Pts you receive based on your time.  If your time is the same as someone else, you both receive the same amount of points.
5.  The more points you have the higher your ranking.
6.  Some points can be modified by coaches based on any reason, they seem fit.
7. All points and Rankings will RESET at the beginning of every Month.
TIP: The more you don’t come to class, the more you lose out on gaining any points.  Thus others will gain ground.  
Again this is a fun way to train and get motivated.  If you would or would not like to participate please feel free to let us know.  If at any moment we feel like this becomes a distraction and starts to bring down our CrossFit community we will remove this completely.  Please remember its not about who’s ranked first, its about each person getting better.  HEALTHY COMPETITION.

Quick Updates and “Way Beyond the White Board”

Its been a long time since we have updated our news feed.  Here is a quick run down of what has been going on.  We were very close in almost signing a spot in Chatsworth but ran into a few issues,  so we decided to part ways with the building.  Ever since then we have just been continuing our search to find the future home of Evolution Martial Arts Academy.  We have expanded our search to the Agoura Hills and Westlake Village area.  The selection that way west is much slimmer and the cost per sq foot is much higher, but zoning regulations are a bit easier in Ventura county.  Like any good business owner we will not settle on just any building and rush this process.  Doing all our due diligence and running the numbers will help us in the long run. 

We have officially affiliated with Crossfit.  It was a bit of a process but we can now mark that off of our to do list.  

Had a great meeting with Mr. Omid this morning, we discussed some back end database schema designs. We have a vision that is somewhat complex but will hopefully benefit all of our future students.  Any crossfitter knows the two most important values in their workouts are Power and Time.  Most crossfitters use “Beyond the White Board” which is a website where you can record, and track your measurements and slowly view your progression over time.  It is a wonderful idea but the site can be somewhat lacking at times.  So we have something in the works which is similar but hopefully a bit more user friendly and understandable.  We believe this can be “Way Beyond the White Board” for both our crossfitters and our Martial Art students as well.  One of the keys is to make it simple and easy to use and understand,  students are more unlikely to use it if to complicated and takes too much time. We cannot specify any more details at the moment but we are very excited of the possibilities.  iPhone and iPad app anyone?

We want to thank all the people on our Facebook page for still liking us and supporting us.  We are all still very excited about this project and wont let anything discourage us from doing what we love.  It is taking a bit more time to get started than we would like but as Mr. Alex said “Good things don’t come easy otherwise everyone would be doing it.”  We will try to update our news more regularly to keep everyone in the loop.

Ever wondered why Crossfit workouts are named after people?

Ever wondered why Crossfit workouts are named after people? Here’s a great example of a WOD named “Murph” that Sensei Brandon completed on St. Patricks Day at Dogtown Crossfit.

For those of you who went to the MAIA show in Vegas this past year, and had the honor to meet ex-Navy SEAL, Marcus Luttrell, this was his best friend and fellow SEAL TEAM 10 member that was K.I.A during Operation Redwing.

Heroes DO exist!