16.2 Overview, Rules, and Scoring (ATHLETES READ THIS)


As many of you know 16.2 is a short or long workout depending on if you can finish the round in the time cap.  The first round is 25 Toes to Bar, 50 Double Unders, and 15 Squat cleans at a pretty heavy weight.  If you can complete that in 4 minutes, you will continue to go without a break for an additonal 4 minutes for another round, same amount of Toes to Bar, Double unders, less squat cleans but at a heaver weight.

I have designed the scoring sheet to make things pretty easy.  As seen below for the first round (Turn phone sideways for a better view)

Reps in Round 1 Movement Rep Complete
25 Please Circle –     Knee Raises     /      K2E  /        TTB
50 Please Circle–         Single    /        Double Under
15 Squat Clean: Circle Weight

Men: 95lb Scaled,     135lb RX
Women: 55lb Scaled,     85lb RX
No jumping from RX to Scaled between rounds

Judges Scoring please circle the moments the athlete does in the round.  If things are not properly circled the athlete will not be scored properly.


  1.  Athletes must complete the round before the cap time to continue to the next round. (DUH)
  2. Athletes can only have 1 bar set up,  (teammates can change weights between rounds for athletes)
  3. BOTH Feet must touch the bar on T2B for the rep to count.  Both Knees must touch Elbows for rep to count for K2E.  (Standards People!)
  4. Athletes can NOT jump from RX Clean weight to Scaled between Rounds (SO once they select RX they must stick to the RX weight the whole way, obviously they will earn more points than the scaled weight)  (CHOOSE WISELY)
  5. Athletes MUST do the Weights on the sheet for that round, either Scaled or RX.  For example Men doing a scaled weight on the first round must do 95lbs, they can’t do 85 or anything less.
  6. Athletes CAN change from TTB to K2E between rounds.  (More points will be awarded for more difficult task.)  If you start a round with TTB and do 15 and decide to change and do the last 10 at K2E you will be scored ALL 25 Reps as K2E.
  7. Just like Toes to Bar, Athletes can change from Double Unders to Single Unders, (you will earn less for Single Unders than DU)  If you do half the round at DU and the remaining half at SU, your FULL round will count as Single Unders.


Point Distribution

  1. Knee Raises will earn a .5x multiplier per rep,  K2E will give a standard 1 baseline multiplier,  Toes 2 Bar will earn a 2x Multiplier
  2. Single-Unders earn a baseline Multiplier of 1x.  Double Unders will Earn a 2x Multiplier.
  3. Just like last week, if you do RX weight you will earn more than Scaled weight.


16.1 Final Scores

What a way to start the Open with a 20 minute Amrap. We took the top 5 scores from men and women from each team to keep things even.  It was great to see everyone come in a work hard for 20 minutes.  4 more weeks to go so we have plenty of time.  Motivate your team to try to come in on Fridays.

How 16.1 Workout points were awarded:

To determine the point value of each workout we started with a baseline performance level and built out multpliers based on the difficulty level of each factor in comparison to the base.

Burpees are scored as 1 point per burpee

(5 completed rounds of 8 burpees is worth 5×8 = 40 points).

Pull-ups use a standard pull-up (strict, kipping, butterfly) as the baseline of 1x, a jump pull-up as .5x, and chest to bar as 2x. A person is given 1 point per pull-up and then depending on the lowest completed pull-up style a multiplier is applied.

(5 rounds of chest to bar pull-ups is (5×8)x2 = 80 points)

(5 rounds of Kipping pull-ups is (5×8)x1 = 40 points)

(5 rounds of Jumping pull-ups is (5×8)x0.5 = 20 points)

The lunge workout has two baselines one for weight and one for weight position. For weight amount we are using the standard workout weights of 45 (Men) and 35 (Women) as the base and using a ratio of the weight used to base weight as the multiplier. Meaning if you use 90lb as your weight your multipler is 90/45 = 2. The second multiplier is for weight position, if your weight position is overhead it is worth an extra half point compared to the standard front position.

(5 rounds of Overhead Lunges at 90lbs is   ((5 rounds x 10reps)x2 )x 1.5 = 150 points)

(5 rounds of Front Rack Lunges at 90lbs is ((5 rounds x 10 reps)x2)x1 = 100 points)

Top Performers from 16.1


  1. Hono – 302 points
  2. Amir – 285 points
  3. Mike – 278 points


  1. Natasha – 215 points
  2. Steff – 178 points
  3. Therese – 175 points

Attendance for Friday –

Team Brandon – 10 people

Team Mario – 11 people

Team Walter – 7 people

Times someone was a Scorer/Judge

Team Brandon – 10

Team Mario – 10

Team Walter – 7

16.1 Standings  (Turn phone sideways)

16.1 Pts Earned RX Attend Pts Scorer/ Judge Participation Captian 16.1 Total
Brandon 1988 30 2 7 10 10 59
Walter 1584 27 2 5 7 5 46
Mario 1579 25 1 10 10 7 53

Overall Standings (Turn phone sideways)

16.1 16.2 16.3 16.4 16.5 Total
Brandon 59 59
Walter 46 46
Mario 53 53


Full Scores

Name Pull-up Style Weight Weight Position Burpee Rnd Pull-ups Rnd Lunge Rounds Point Total
Hono C2B 95 Over Head 6 5 5.5 302
Amir K. C2B 95 Over Head 5 5 5.2 285
Mike T. C2B 95 Over Head 5 5 5 278
Aaron P. Standard 95 Over Head 5 4 5.8 256
Steve G. C2B 95 Over Head 4 4 4.5 239
Marcos Jumping 95 Over Head 5 4 4.9 211
Ranferi Jumping 65 Over Head 6 6 6.3 209
Brian S. C2B 95 Over Head 4 3 4 207
Sebastian Standard 95 Over Head 4 4 4 191
Mo M. Standard 95 Front Rack 5 4 4.8 173
AJ Jumping 45 Over Head 6.125 6 6.5 171
David R. Standard 55 Front Rack 6 5 6 161
Joey Jumping 40 Front Rack 7 6 6.8 140
Luis Jumping 45 Front Rack 5.25 5 5.5 117
Bobby C. Jumping 55 Front Rack 5 4 4.8 115
Jay W. Jumping 55 Front Rack 4 3 3.8 90
Harold Jumping 40 Front Rack 4 3 3.6 76
Natasha Jumping 65 Over Head 5.25 5 5.5 215
Steff Jumping 65 Over Head 4.625 4 4.5 178
Therese Standard 65 Over Head 4 4 4 175
Nerissa Jumping 65 Front Rack 6 5 5.5 170
Fatima Jumping 55 Over Head 5.5 4 4.5 166
Laura Jumping 45 Front Rack 6.625 6 6.5 161
Mari S. Jumping 65 Over Head 4 3 3.8 150
Shy Standard 55 Over Head 4 3 3.5 139
Rachel F. Jumping 45 Front Rack 5.875 5 5.5 138
Diana B Jumping 65 Front Rack 4.25 4 4.5 134
Iris Jumping 45 Front Rack 5 5 5.5 131
Katlyn Jumping 15 Over Head 6.5 6 6.5 118
Roxy Jumping 45 Over Head 4 3 3.5 112
Allyson Jumping 35 Front Rack 5 5 5 110
Rachel D. Jumping 35 Front Rack 5 5 5 110
Angela K. Jumping 35 Front Rack 5 5 5 110
Nini S. Jumping 25 Front Rack 5 5 5.5 99
Diana C. Jumping 45 Front Rack 4 4 4 99
Karime B. Jumping 35 Front Rack 4 4 4.2 90
Alyssa Jumping 1 Front Rack 7.25 7 6.5 88


16.1 Briefing and Scoring

16.1 EVO TEAM OPEN Scoring


All athletes will start 16.1 from the outside with the backs against the facing the fence. They will lunge 25 feet until they reach the pit area to complete 8 Burpees (since we are limited in space we will just do normal burpees not bar facing).
After the burpees the athletes will pick up barbells and lunge 25 feet back to fence. When completed they will enter CrossFit area for 8 Pull-Ups.   (This is not ideal but due to space this is the only way we can get 6 people going at the same time)


This year we have changed the scoring standards to make things more fair. For 16.1 the most weight you can lift (maximum 95 for men, 65 for women will earn you the most points) If you decide to lift 75 pounds you will earn more than someone lifting 65 pounds. A women doing 65 lbs will earn more than a man doing 65 lbs.  If you do chest to bar pull ups you will earn more points than regular pull-ups, if you do regular pull ups you will earn more than someone doing jumping pull ups. No bands allowed.

If you drop weight from 85lbs to 75lbs midway through the workout you score will be based on the 75lbs.  If you start with regular pull-ups then change to jumping pull ups you will be scored on the jumping pull ups.

16.1 RX
1. If Athlete completes 16.1 at RX they will earn the maximum points possible.
2. They must complete the entire 20 minutes at RX, all pull-ups must be chest to bar pull-ups. If at any point they start to do front rack lunges, change weights, or stop doing chest to bar pull ups they will be scored at the scaled version.

16.1 Scaled
1. Lunges – Choose a weight that you feel good with. The heavier the weight the more points you will earn. For example, lunges  with 85lbs will earn more points than someone doing 75lbs. Max weight is 95lbs for men 65lbs for women.
2. Pull-Ups – No Bands. You either do standard pull-ups (strict, kipping, butterfly) or you do jumping chin-over bar pull ups. Those who do the standard pull ups will earn more points than those who do jumping chin-over bar.

CrossFit Success Coaches

I was thinking what makes CrossFit as successful as it is? A few reasons jump to me instantly. Everyone loves the challenge, the feeling of accomplishment, and the community aspect. These are some of the basic reasons people love CrossFit. So I was thinking how can we make things better at Evolution?

One of the factors we can control is the community aspect. We control the direction of the community. So how can we improve it? Well you have to start with what do we have. We have 3 coaches that truly care about our members who want to see them accomplish their goals. Great, so how can we channel that even better to improve our community?

I decided to assign each coach to a CrossFit athlete. Your coach will become your personal Success Coach. They are going to help you with any of your CrossFit needs, concerns, goals. They will be contacting you every couple weeks just to find out how you are doing. They will touch base with you via email, or maybe briefly before or after class. Please let them know about minor injuries, things you would like to improve on like chaining kipping pull-ups, or ways to improve shoulder mobility.   They will give you mobility exercises that will help you, or maybe a progression of techniques that will help you reach your goal.  If you don’t have any issues just let them know everything is going great. If they don’t see you coming in for classes they will reach out to make sure everything is ok.

This does not mean only your Success Coach will be coaching you during CrossFit classes. During classes all the coaches will still be on deck helping everyone. These Success Coaches are here to help you with CrossFit needs outside of the 60 minute class to improve how you perform in classes.

Allowing our coaches to focus on a specific group of athletes will bring higher concentration to those athletes. Remember we are a service industry, we are here to serve you. We will do our best to help you with your needs. Remember no one in this world knows everything including our coaches. They may not be able to help you with an issue right on the spot but I guarantee they will do their best to collaborate, research, and eventually get back to you with information that will hopefully help.

Even with the Open coming up if you would like some tips from your Success Coach who may not be your Team Captain of course they will help you. Winning the Open is not more important than you improving your skills.

I feel this will ultimately help everyone and build even stronger relationships. Your coaches will contacting all you within the next couple weeks. If you have a questions please let me know.

Thank you


The 2016 EVO CrossFit Team Open is Coming Soon.

You may have noticed on Fridays we have been focusing on past Open workouts.  It’s that time of the year again, the CrossFit Open is upon us.  Last year it was really great to see everyone come in on Fridays to do the Open workouts.  The team environment and the competition brought out the best in everyone.  No matter what team you were on it was great to see everyone support and push each other to their limits.

Last year Team Walter won our first annual CrossFit Team Open competition.  This year the coaches are back and are looking to take the crown of being 2016 Evo Team Open Champs.  Our scoring system will be improved this year so the amount of weights and reps you do will matter.  So every pound and every extra rep will count toward your teams totals.  Since we don’t know the workouts your team results maybe delayed since we have to create the appropriate formulas each week to determine scores.

If you can’t make it on Fridays for the open workout, you have until the following Thursday to complete the workout to have your score count toward your team.  Friday’s are still the best days because the environment is electric.

Just like last year this competition is meant to be for fun so everyone will be drafted.  We want to make sure we all support each other and have a great time. The winning team will get a banner raised just like the photo below and of course bragging rights.

Important Dates:

  • Week of Feb. 15th – The Draft
  • Feb. 26th – 16.1
  • Mar. 4th – 16.2
  • Mar. 11th – 16.3
  • Mar. 18th – 16.4
  • Mar. 25th – 16.5
  • Apr. 2nd – CrossFit Potluck Lunch Winning Team Announced.


Progenex Preorder – Sample all the Flavors the Week of January 4.

We will be placing a Progenex order soon.  During the week of January 4th we will be serving sample flavors.  This will allow you to discover a flavor you may not know about.  This will also avoid issues where your stuck with an entire bag of a flavor you dislike.

If you are running low of product and would like to reorder please sign up at the front desk or email us.  If are not sure about the Progenex products please visit this link: http://evomaa.net/progenex-preorder.

The deadline to place your order is Friday January 8th.  You must pay for your item(s) prior to the deadline or it will not ordered.  This is the time for you to select the items and flavor YOU want.  We will only stock a few bags of the most popular products and flavors (those bags we ordered to stock at EVO were sold out in less than a week)

Please plan ahead and order enough to last until the next time we order which will most likely be sometime in March.  Most products are 30 servings which is enough to last most people a full month unless you share with others.

Just like last time you will receive $10 off your total order if you purchase 2 or more bags of any Progenex product.

Free CrossFit Beginners Course for the Month of January

(UPDATED 12/14/15) – All the spots have been taken.  We are sorry if you couldn’t register in time.

We wanted to give away something for the holidays.  2016 is fast approaching and we know a lot of New Year Resolutions will be made.  So we decided to light the fire and give you the push you need.  We will be giving 10 lucky people our entire 4-week  (12 Class) CrossFit Beginner Course for FREE.  Yes you read that correct, our normal $99 beginner course will be free for the entire month of January.

We know some of you parents ask about CrossFit when you see the classes.  There is no better way then to start in January, if you know any friends who may be interested please forward them this email.

How the beginner course works: 

  • 4 weeks – Starting Tuesday January 5th, 2016 ending Saturday January 30th, 2016
  • 3 Classes per week – Tuesday & Thursday (7-8pm), and Saturday (9-10am)
  • You will learn something new in every class.  Our coaches will break down the new movements and exercises in every beginner class.
  • This is the perfect way to introduce you to CrossFit and meet some new friends.
  • Of course you’ll get a great workout in each class

Important things you should know before you sign up: 

  • Please make sure your schedule will allow you to attend these classes.
  • You must be committed to attending at least 10 out of the 12 classes.  We want to get you motivated to working out more consistently.  The only way CrossFit really works is if you consistently do CrossFit.
  • Because there are only 10 spots, we don’t want anyone to sign up and just come twice while others who don’t get in planned on attending all 12 classes.
  • The first week is important.  If you do not attend the first 3 classes we will give your spot to someone on the waiting list.

What you need: 

  • Wear comfortable workout clothes
  • Bring a water bottle
  • Determination
  • Positive and friendly attitude

To sign up please visit evomaa.net/free

Once we see you are signed up we will contact you to make sure you can attend the classes and answer any questions you may have.  If you know any friends that you know maybe interested please share this webpage with them.  Sign ups are on a first come first serve basis.  After the first 10 sign up there will be up to a 5 person waiting list for anyone who decides to not to participate.

Progenex Preorder – Deadline October 10th

We will be placing a Progenex order soon.  If you are running low of product and would like to reorder please sign up at the front desk or email us.  If are not sure about the Progenex products please visit this link: http://evomaa.net/progenex-preorder.

The deadline to place your order is Saturday October 10th.  You must pay for your item(s) prior to the deadline or it will not ordered.  This is the time for you to select the items and flavor YOU want.  We will only stock a few bags of the most popular products and flavors (those bags we ordered to stock at EVO were sold out in less than a week)

Please plan ahead and order enough to last until the next time we order which will most likely be sometime in early December.  Most products are 30 servings which is enough to last most people a full month unless you share with others.

Just like last time you will receive $10 off your total order if you purchase 2 or more bags of any Progenex product.

Help us CRUSH CANCER by donating to the Evolution CrossFit page!

Please help support Evolution with their fundraiser and participation in the Crush Cancer 2015. As a community, it is up to us to come together and raise as much money as possible for a worthy cause such as this. Some of our CrossFit members have participated in this event every year, since we opened, and we will continue to participate to help find a cure for cancer.

Stand Up and join us in the 5th Annual 2015 Crush Cancer event that benefits Stand Up To Cancer’s collaborative cancer research! This year, the main Crush Cancer event will be held in Culver City, California, on Saturday, October 10. In addition, gyms from across the country and around the world will be hosting their own events- all with the goal of raising as much money as possible for Stand Up To Cancer.

Crush Cancer is an endurance fundraising event and health expo where participants must raise $150 in order to participate. This circuit-training-style workout includes five different exercises, and participants are encouraged to perform as many reps possible for one minute. They then get one minute of rest and repeat the workout twice. The health expo is open all day and features restaurants and businesses- as well as the biggest brands in the endurance workout space.

Crush Cancer has raised over $640,000 in the past 4 years and gyms from across the U.S. (from Denver to Boston) and the world (from Dubai to the UK) have participated and now it is your turn to get involved!

You can donate directly to the Evolution fundraiser page: Donate Here!

Also, mark the date on your calendars for our fundraising night that will be held at California Pizza Kitchen at the Northridge Mall on Wednesday, Oct 7th. Flyer will be coming out soon!

Interested in Joining our CrossFit Kids Beta Program?

People have been asking, we have been talking about it for a while now, it’s time to start a kids Crossfit class.  Just as we announced at the Anniversary this class will be set up as a beta program.  It’s taken us some time to put all the logistics together to make this program work.  Kids’ working out in chaos without proper instruction and supervision would be irresponsible on our end.   Our number one priority is making sure we safely and properly teach children.

We will be offering this class to about 6-7 kids ages 8-13.  For now this class will be held once a week for 5 weeks, starting on Tuesday September 8th from 4:00-4:45pm.  This will give us time to make adjustments and iron out any kinks which will hopefully lead us to a successful finalized CrossFit Kids program at Evolution.

For parents interested we will be teaching kids some of the fundamentals of CrossFit.  We will focus on using very light weights, body weight exercises, and stretching.  Our number one goal for this program is insuring safety while showing kids fitness can be fun.

If you are interested in your child participating in this 5 week beta program please email – info@evomaa.net.  If you are selected your child must be committed to coming to all 5 classes.