Wear Your Costume to Class & Classes Cancelled on Halloween

Every year for the last 5 years we have held an annual tradition where student’s can wear their Halloween costume to class for a little fun and something a bit different.  This year will be no different, the annual Wear your Costume to class day will be Monday October 30th.  Below is the class schedule.  Junior White Belts can come to the 5pm class since we will be closed Tuesday for Halloween.

3:00 – Tiny Tiger (White – Green)
3:30 – Tiny Tiger (Blue – Black)
4:00 – Jrs. (Green and Up)
5:00 – Jrs. (White – Yellow)
5:00 – Tiny Tiger (White – Green)
5:30 – Tiny Tiger (Blue – Black)
6:00 – Jrs. (Green and Blue)
6:00 – Jrs. (Black)

Students are allowed to bring mask & accessories to the class and wear/hold for a group photo at the end of the class.  During the class these items will have to be taken off due to safety.  We are excited to see everyone in their costumes this year.  The photo below is from last year.

Halloween Classes Cancelled.

All Tiny Tiger and Hapkido Jr. Classes will be Cancelled on Tuesday October 31st because of Halloween.  If you plan on trick or treating please be safe and examine the all the candy your child receives before they eat them.