No Regular Tiny Tiger or Hapkido Classes Friday & Saturday due to testing.

There will be NO regular Hapkido or Tiny Tiger classes this Friday (6/2) and Saturday (6/3) due to belt exams and graduation.  The Saturday 10am CrossFit class will be cancelled due to graduation. (You can come to open gym from 9-10am)

We would like to wish all the students testing the best of skill on their exam.  You will be receiving a detailed email with notification if your child is testing.  If you are unsure if your child is testing please visit. 

Friday June 2nd Juniors Exam (Current Belt Rank)

  • 5:00pm for Green & Blue Belt Jrs.
  • 6:00pm for Yellow, Orange, & White Belt Jrs.
  • 7:00pm for Brown & Blue/Black Stripe Jrs.

Saturday January 28th

  • 8:45am for Tiny Tigers (Blue-Black)
  • 9:30am for Tiny Tigers (White-Green)
  • 10:30 – Belt Graduation

Remember all regular Hapkido and Tiny Tigers classes will be CANCELLED both Friday and Saturday.  Friday CrossFit classes will be ON.