2017 CrossFit Open 17.5 Final Scores

Wow what an awesome 2017 CrossFit Open and what a way for us to finish with the most athletes doing the last workout at RX.  Of course CrossFit would make it challenging to score this final workout.

How it was scored

So unlike previous weeks where most workouts were scored easily by reps only, in this workout most finished under the time cap.  So not only was there a time element there was a total rep element as well.  To make matters more difficult CrossFit counted the same 35 reps for double unders or singles, which makes it harder to score because as you know double unders is more difficult.  For people who did 17.5 at scale with single unders I cut your total double under rep count in half.  So if you finished the entire scaled workout under the cap you would have received 90 reps for thrusters, and 175 reps for single unders.  If you finished the workout under the cap at RX you recieved the full amount of 440 reps.

For the people who finished the workout at RX the RX bonus was given based on the time you finished the workout.  The faster you finished the workout the more RX bonus you earned.  If you finished the workout between 1-10 minutes you received a (RX bonus of 4), 10-20 minutes (RX bonus 3), 20-30 minutes (RX bonus 2), 30- 40 minute cap (RX bonus 1).

17.5 Summary

Coming into the final workout it was a close battle between Coach Mario and Coach Brandon’s teams.  Brandon’s team was trailing Mario’s team by only 4 points, so they had to bring it and did they ever.   Brandon’s team finished the workout with the most reps as all 10 of their athletes scored did the workout at RX.  This has been the closest finished we have ever had.  Even though Mario earned the most points in the coaches workout and Brandon finished 3rd, it still wasn’t enough as Brandon’s collective team pulled ahead with everyone doing the workout at RX.  So congratulations to team Brandon for edging out the win for the 2017 CrossFit EVO Team Open.

Congratulations to everyone for working hard and busting their ass this year for the Open workouts.  It was really nice to see a lot more people step up and do the workouts at RX this year.  Keep up the training, looking forward to next year.  The only person to have their name on 3 consecutive banners is Aaron.

Top RX Finishers


  • Hono 18:22
  • Aaron 19:12
  • Marcos 24:51


  • Natasha 17:21
  • Mari 22:27
  • Angela 22:57

17.5 Scores (May have to turn phone sideways)

Total Reps Pts Scored RX Attendance Judged Coach Total
Brandon 3549 25 16 16 12 12 81
Mario 3437 22 13 14 8 16 73
Walter 3226 20 10 12 10 14 66


17.1 17.2 17.3 17.4 17.5 Total
Brandon 76 80 66 76 81 379
Mario 73 79 71 79 73 375
Walter 70 74 64 74 66 348