CrossFit Open 17.3 Final Scores

We are officially passed the midway point for the 2017 CrossFit Open.  17.3 finally brought a ladder into the open, in true CrossFit fashion they elected to focus on the most technical lift in CrossFit the squat snatch.  Knowing how difficult the movement is and the weight involved I knew there would be a lot less people doing this workout at RX compared to 17.2.  I give those who did 17.3 at RX a lot of credit it, was not easy.  It was also nice to see some people hit new personal records during an Open workout for the squat snatch.

17.3 Summary

Mario’s team finished 17.3 with the most reps, while Brandon’s team finished with the most athletes performing the workout at RX.  Just like the first 2 workouts Walter’s team falls right in the middle in reps and the amount of people who did it at RX.  Unlike last week coaches did not tie but Brandon edged out Walter by 1 rep.

Two more workouts to go.  Keep motivating everyone and try to hit those new PR’s.  I’m still waiting on HSPU’s, Double Unders, and Thrusters to make their appearance in this years Open.  Maybe it will be this week.  Best of luck to everyone for 17.4

17.3 Scores (turn phone sideways)

Total Reps Pts Scored RX Attendance Judged Coach Total
Brandon 623 20 8 12 12 14 66
Mario 942 25 4 16 10 16 71
Walter 790 22 6 14 10 12 64


17.1 17.2 17.3 17.4 17.5 Total
Brandon 76 80 66 222
Mario 73 79 71 223
Walter 70 74 64 208