2017 CrossFit EVO Team Open Details

Tomorrow is the first Open workout for 2017, hope you are all ready for it.  I am looking forward to see how far you all come in the last year.  I’m hoping everyone can remember to have fun and not take things too seriously.  Remember everyone has something, an important prior engagement on a Friday, a minor injury, or maybe they are just new to CrossFit, etc.  Motivate everyone, on your team or not and help others push themselves to something they were never able to do, that’s what the CrossFit community is all about after all.

Below are some of the details for the Open happening for the next few weeks.

Important Dates

  • 2/24 – 17.1
  • 3/3 – 17.2
  • 3/10 – 17.3
  • 3/17 – 17.4
  • 3/24 – 17.5
  • 3/31 – 7:30pm CrossFit Open Potluck

Sign Up For Heat Time

  • Every week we will post a sign up for your heat time.  Since we don’t have any knowledge of the workouts we have decided to have heats run every 30 minutes.  Please come in early to warm up the movements needed for the workout.

Workout Selection

  • We will only have RX workouts and Scaled.
  • Master scaled will be available only if you are age 50+.
  • The coaches will make sure you are doing the workout appropriate to your skill level.

Before Each Heat

  • Prior to the start of each heat, one coach will go over the movements with each of the 6 athletes.  They will explain what you would need to do to make the rep count.
  • Another coach will meet with all 6 judges to go over the standards for reps to make sure everyone is counting the same way.

Top 10

  • Each team will have 14-16 people.  I will only take the scores for the top 10 people on your team.  So the top 10 scores may vary based on the workouts and the athlete’s skill level from week to week.
  • New CrossFitters who finished the Beginners course maybe added to teams.  Please welcome them and explain to them how it works as this is their first CrossFit Open.

Team Scoring

  • The top ten scores will be added up.  The team with the most reps will earn 25 points, the 2nd place team for the week will earn 22 points, and the 3rd place team will earn 20 points.

RX Workouts

  • I will reward people who push themselves to do Open Workouts at RX.  If workout is done at RX you will earn 1 extra bonus point for your team.

Showing up

  • I want to encourage you to come on Friday to participate in the Open.  The electricity and atmosphere is something you won’t get if you make the workout up on a different day.  Every person on your team who shows up will earn 1 point out of a maximum 12 points, this will give each team 2 spots as a pass if  someone can’t make it in.  Try to encourage everyone on your team to make it in!
  • The team with the most people who show up on Friday will earn 16 points, 2nd place team 14 points, and 3rd place team 12 points.  Teams with same attendance will earn the same amount of points.

Making Up the Open Workout

  • If you can’t make the workout on Friday you have until the close of business the following Tuesday to make up the workout for it to count towards your teams score.  You will need to find your own judge and give a coach the heads up that you are making up an Open workout.


  • To avoid people from just showing up, working out and leaving, we need judges.  Judges will have a chance to earn some extra points for their teams.  When you judge a person you will earn 1 point, you can judge an extra heat for an additional bonus point.  The most points a person can earn is 2 points for judging.
  • The team with the most points from judging will earn 12 points, 2nd place team 10 points, and 3rd place team 8 points.  Teams with same amount of judge points will earn the same amount of points.

Coaches Workout

  • The coaches will battle head to head to earn points for their teams.  The coach with the most reps will earn 16 points, 2nd place 14 points, and 3rd place 12 points.


  • Standings will be posted as soon as I have finished them.  I will have to wait until after Tuesday to post since there can be some people making up the workout.  Individual scores will NOT be posted.

End of Open Potluck

  • Every year at the end of the Open we have a potluck.  This year is no exception, the potluck is to celebrate all your hard work, public, and private victories from this year’s open.  The potluck is set for Friday March 31st at 7:30pm

3 Things to Remember

  • Push Yourself!
  • Encourage Others!
  • Have Fun!