Progenex Preorder this week. Come in and sample flavors.

We will be placing a Progenex order soon.  During the week of November 1st we will be serving sample flavors (flavors & days below).  This will allow you to discover a flavor you may not know about.  This will also avoid issues where your stuck with an entire bag of a flavor you dislike.

If you are running low of product and would like to reorder please sign up at the front desk or email us.  If are not sure about the Progenex products please visit this link:

The deadline to place your order is Saturday November 5th.  You must pay for your item(s) prior to the deadline or it will not ordered.  Product & flavor prices may vary.  This is the time for you to select the items and flavor YOU want.  We will only stock a few bags of the most popular products and flavors (those bags we ordered to stock at EVO were sold out in less than a week)

Please plan ahead and order enough to last until the next time we order which will most likely be sometime in March.  Most products are 30 servings which is enough to last most people a full month unless you share with others.

If you purchase 2 or more bags of any Progenex product, you can purchase any T-Shirt or Tank Top for only $12!!

  • Tuesday 11/1 – Belgian Chocolate / Loco Mocha
  • Wednesday – 11/2 – Peanut Butter Smash
  • Thursday – 11/3 – Tropical Vanilla
  • Friday – 11/4 – Cookies & Creme