We are adding a New Hapkido class on Fridays at 4pm for Jrs. White, Orange, & Yellow Belts

We have notice a lot of juniors come into class on Fridays.  Maybe its because it’s the last day of the school during the week, or maybe its because our Friday class are just a bit more relaxed and fun, it is the weekend after all.  We have been easily seeing attendance between 20-25 students per class on Fridays and most of them are green belts and up.  We wanted to get more beginners to come in on Fridays so we decided to add a new class.  The 5pm Jrs. class will become an Advance belts class for Green Belts and up.  The Tiny Tiger 4:30 class will remain the same.  All CrossFit classes will remain the same as well.  Below is the new Friday schedule.

New Friday Schedule Starting July 29th

  • 4:00pm – Hapkido Jrs. – White, Orange, & Yellow Belts
  • 4:30pm – Tiny Tigers – All Ranks
  • 5:00pm – Hapkido Jrs. – Green and Up.
  • 6:00pm – Top Team