Important Dates and Events for May 2016

Here are some important dates and events for May and Early June.

Hapkido Exams

Friday May 20th (NO regular Hapkido or Tiny Tiger classes)

  • 5pm – White, Orange, & Yellow Belts*
  • 6pm – Green & Blue Belts*

Saturday May 21st (NO regular Hapkido or Tiny Tiger classes)

  • 9:30am – Tiny Tiger Exam*
  • 10:30am – Belt Graduation

Sunday May 22nd (NO Mini Cubs class)

  • 6:00am – Black Belt Qualification Exam**

* Please Visit to see if your child is testing.  This list could change until we get closer to the actual exam date.  A more detailed email will be sent to you as we get closer to the exam.

**Candidate Parents a separate email regarding where to meet with more details will be sent out soon.

Memorial Day Holiday Weekend

We will be closed for most of the weekend.  We hope you enjoy the long weekend.  We will be having one CrossFit class on Monday May 30th at 9am for the Murph WOD.  A more detailed information will be coming soon.

May 28th-30th – All Regular Classes Cancelled.

Be Your Own Body Guard Seminar

SAFER IN A DAY! The Be Your Own BodyGuard seminar 

Saturday June 4th from 8am-12pm

Please click on this link to register for this seminar at Evolution.  Register by May 28th to receive the early bird special.

The ability to protect yourself or a loved one is the single greatest skill you could possess. What if learning how to be your own bodyguard was much easier than you thought? This intensive 4 hour course will give you the foundational knowledge to improve your situational awareness, verbal skills and equip you with simple & practical self defense skills.

The ‘No-nonsense Self-defense’ program is called: Be Your Own Bodyguard and was researched, developed by Coach Tony Blauer, a pioneer of modern self-defense. He has created a system based on physiology and natural biomechanics called SPEAR, it’s based on the startle-flinch response, which is part of the human survival reflex. This is an 80,000 year old DNA hard-wired into our survival system – to say it’s stood the test is understatement. What this really means is you already have the key to the system hardwired in you.

Park WOD Saturday June 4th 

Since we are hosting a seminar at Evolution on June 4th, we decided to have a Park WOD for those who want to get a workout in the morning.  The Park WOD will start at 9am. We will be giving out more information soon. Plus it’s nice to get outside anyways.

  • June 4th 9am –  Park WOD.  More Details soon.