Black Belt Club Members Join us for a Special Class Taught by our Teacher.

Black Belt Club members we wanted to give you a special chance to come take a class taught by our teacher Sensei Fariborz on Saturday April 23 from 1-2pm.  In this class you will meet Sensei Fariborz who taught all of your instructors here at Evolution.  He will give a brief background of himself and how he got started martial arts.  Then he will teach you all something new or different.  If you plan on attending please bring all your equipment and weapons.

The class is scheduled to go from 1pm-2pm (but may go over).  Please come a bit earlier at 12:30 for a light lunch before the class.  There will be a sign up at the front desk if you plan on attending.  This will give us a better idea of how much lunch we will need to bring.  We hope all the Black Belt Club members can make it.  This is a great opportunity to learn from someone who taught all of us for 15+ years.