Minor Class Schedule Change for Tiny Tigers and Hapkido Jrs. Starting April 20th

We hate changing our class schedule because we understand parents have their own schedules, other activities, and routines. Back in 2012 our class schedule changed often due to the change in the needs of our students. In the last couple years we made minor tweaks to our schedule for the same reason. 2015 has been a great start for us with a lot of new faces taking classes. As we mature as a martial arts academy we should be making less changes to our class schedule as things start to settle down.

Due to the growth of new students in 2015 we will be making a minor change in our class schedule. This will be better for our students. The changes made below will allow us to focus more on specific belt rankings while giving better instruction to the students.

Tiny Tiger Changes

Monday and Wednesday
5:00 – 5:30pm – White – Green Belts only
5:30 – 6:00pm – Blue – Black Belts only

Hapkido Jr. Changes

Tuesdays and Thursdays
6:00-7:00pm – White – Yellow Belts only

These changes will take into effect starting Monday April 20th.  If you have any questions please email info@evomaa.net