Entire Progenex Product Preorder. Deadline March 13th.

We all know how important it is to feed your body good protein and supplements after a hard workout. After all, your bodies are high performance machines, some of you eat really clean, why not refuel it will high quality Progenex protein and supplements as well.  We will be changing the way we handle our Progenex Protein orders.

Currently we order mainly the Progenex – More Muscle and Progenex – Recovery in the most popular flavors. We want to change the way we order to provide all of you the entire Progenex product portfolio.

If you are unsure about what to order please visit our site and this link http://evomaa.net/progenex-preorder. You can read about all the different products and pick one that would work for you whether it’s a general protein, a post workout supplement, or maybe something to help you before your workout.

We will be placing orders approximately every other month.  If you are interested in purchasing Progenex select what you would like to order and the flavor desired.  We will be putting up sign up sheets on the front counter and in the CrossFit area, or you can email us your order from the link above. We will add your Progenex selection to your EVO account. You must pay for your item before the deadline or your selection will NOT be ordered.  We will be offering a bundled special, order 2 or more items and save $10.

Please order enough that will last until the next time we order. We will order a couple extra bags of More Muscle and Recovery in chocolate to keep on hand, if those are not the flavors of your choice be sure to preorder.

The deadline to preorder will be March 13th.  Remember order 2 or more items and save $10.